#Janathon Day 7-10

Sorry for the belated updates, here goes: 

  • 1/7: 15 minutes of leg strength 
  • 1/8: —
  • 1/9: 2.19 miles
  • 1/10: 2.19 miles (different route, identical mileage, ran in the new shoes)

Saucony Shadow via WithAnna.Wordpress.comThese just moved in with me. They are the Saucony Shadow and have a 4mm heel to toe drop. I`ll be able to review them soon hopefully! 



Becoming a Pro…

…at writing cover letters and CV`s. That`s what I`ve been doing, in short. But, no, thanks, I don`t want to discuss my future “professional” life just yet, so today, my friends, I have something much better.

…I`d rather become a pro at yoga. But that won`t happen from one day to the other and my first try way back earlier this year was a disaster, if you remember. Actually, I made plans to attend some more yoga classes over the holidays or during my upcoming exam month and winter break.

And, in fact, I have incorporated a little bit of yoga into my daily stretching routine. Before I go to bed I will really stretch out, it relaxes me, and I feel like I am already becoming more flexible, as my body warms up. Tribesports send me this today, it will be my routine tonight:

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence via WithAnna.Wordpress.com

If you go to yoga, and unlike me are not completely confused by all the different styles and names, please help me and tell me what kind of class I should attend for a second “first”. Something suitable for beginners, and totally stiff people like me.

One to Mention: Set Bang Pretty

While on Twitter I stumbled across a tweet about the “1000 Squats a Week” Challenge. Squats are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your thighs and get your bum into shape, I think I might join the challenge once I worked up to the amount of squats needed.

I clicked on the link to the blog and found out about Set Bang Pretty, an online women’s gymwear boutique. Their long-sleeved cropped tops immediately caught my attention so I continued to read about the shop. According to the text on the website, they feature a small collection of selected  pieces in limited qualities that are a little bit special, perhaps a little bit sexy but in my opinion often very interesting! Head over to their shop here!

Set Bang Pretty via WithAnna.Wordpress.comFrom top left to bottom right: Aria reversible top (£40.00), Twist top (£45.00), Crop in Snake (£39.00), Capri pants (£48.00), Goal shorts (£45.00), Scrunchy V capri pants (£47.00)

I think some of these designs are very pretty, especially the sports bras and capris. You need to check the homepage for available colors if you are interested, because of the limited selection available. By the way, Set Bang Pretty has free shipping in the UK!

What do you think of the designs?

Personal disclaimer: I am in no way connected to Set Bang Pretty, I discovered the shop online and thought I`d share them with everyone else who was interested in “fit fashion”.


Playlist Thursday: Songs that Help You Zone Out

I feel honored because today`s Playlist Thursday theme was suggested by me, when I had to see that there was still no upcoming theme yesterday. I chose this, because I am still in the middle of midterm seasons as I shared yesterday and just need to get out of my routine and relax. At the same time, I will listen to these on a long run, when I want to turn my brain off and just have a background soundtrack. Thank you to the Pavement Runner for featuring the idea.

As always the rules are to post one current song, an old one and something to consider. You can enter your playlist into the catalog or view other blogger`s posts there! And as always I`d love to hear your chosen songs in the comments!

Something Old

Artist: The Beatles

Title: Let it Be

Side Note: I got to take a look through a friends CD collection last weekend and found some great oldies to listen to in my car when I get tired of listening to commercials or waiting for good songs to come up. On one of the CDs, Let it Be is song number six and it has been playing on repeat on my commute!

Quotable: “When I find myself in times of trouble”

Something Current

Artist: Loreen

Title: Euphoria

Side Note: You don`t know this song? It`s from the Eurovision song contest. I didn`t like it at first I must admit, but then I heard it on a party and after that it was stuck in my head for days. A beautiful song, I believe.

Quotable: “We are here, we are all alone in our own Universe”

Something to Consider

Artist: Adele

Title: Make You Feel My Love

Side Note: Another fabulous song and one of my favorites. Adele has a beautiful voice and to this song I can really shut down and calm myself.

Quotable: “And the whole world // is on your case // I could offer you // a warm embrace”


Playlist Thursday: Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, the Playlist Thursday theme is “Songs that remind you to be thankful”. The rules are to post something current, something old and something to consider, as always. More details can be found on the catalog page, linked to above.

I wish you all a happy thanksgiving and hope that you get the chance to celebrate with your friends and family. Be thankful for them!

Something Old

Artist: Louis Armstrong

Title: What a Wonderful World

Side Note: This is a classic. It reminds you that all the things to be thankful for are there, right in front of you. All you have to do is open your eyes and appreciate and be thankful.

Quotable: “And I think to myself … what a wonderful world”

Something Current

Artist: Estelle

Title: Thank You

Side Note: This might not be the best fit message wise, but the title counts too, right?

Quotable: “So far apart // I just don’t know // What drove us apart in the first place”

Something to Consider

Artist: Talking Heads

Title: Thank You for Sending Me an Angel

Side Note: Another oldie, and one with a really good intro, don`t you think?

Quotable: “I, you can walk, I walk in circles ’round you  // But first show me what you can do”

Thoughts on Weightlifting for Women

“The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is advanced only by women who fear effort, and men who fear women”

What do you think about this quote? Have you been lifting heavy weights as a woman? If so, why, if not, why not? To be honest, I was always rather intimidated by all the men in my gym, occupying the heavy weights section. I am scared of using bad form or looking like a fool on my first few attempts. But every time I see a brave girl in the weights and heavy machines area of my gym I feel like I want to try the same.

Now what I`ve got to do is find myself a trainer who will walk me through the basic movements, watch my form, give me tips and encourage me to try lifting things that I`m not used to lifting. At home, my only weights exercises are with dumbbells of a few kilos (really more like two or three). Sometimes I see pump group classes with a lot of women – more so than men. I think it sometimes takes a group to feel strong and try something new.

The fact is that lifting heavy weights does not automatically make you bulky. It takes a lot more for that. Lifting makes you strong, defines your muscles and can make you a better athlete all around. The positive side, and which you can read more about here is that weight lifting can be fun, it is not hard to learn, it is a fast type of workout so it`s perfect for a lunch-break session or a quick round at the gym before or after work and according to Nia, it increases self-confidence.

This is the workout that Tribesports has created for all of you girls who want to try out some weights. For the others, maybe a few sessions in pump will be a great start or the next time you are at the gym why not ask your instructor to assist you and give you tips for the weights section? Please keep me updated if you go and try it out!

Click on the graphic above to get to the detailed workout.

Playlist Thursday: Cool Down Songs!

This week, thanks to Jenny over at Simply Be… Me, the theme for the Pavement Runner‘s Playlist Thursday is Cool Down Songs. Here is my list, I would love to hear your songs. You can also share them in the Catalog.

Something Old 
Artist: Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole
Title: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Side Note: Such a beautiful song isn`t it? Another one of my favorites and always on one of my cool down playlists.
Quotable: “And the dreams that you dreamed of, // Dreams really do come true.”
Something Current

Artist: Jason Mraz
Title: The Freedom Song
Side Note: I`m Yours is my favorite Jason Mraz song, I used to listen to it on the radio being driven to school every morning by my dad when I still lived in Washington. I absolutely love his new album so I had to include a song from there.
Quotable: “And when I feel good, I sing // And the joy it brings makes me feel good”

Something to Consider
Artist: Owl City
Title: Fireflies
Side Note: This is not one of my personal favorite songs but it was plaid in the cool down phase of a very good spinning class I went to, when our teacher asked us to close our eyes and think about our goals that we had and whether we accomplished what we wanted to.
Quotable: “You would not believe your eyes // If then million fireflies // Lit up the world”

Body Focus: Abs & Legs

Maybe you have already spotted that little button on the right side of the blog? I signed up for Tribesports, a little earlier this fall. It`s a community of people who enjoy working out and setting smaller and bigger challenges. As I`m always up for one, I thought the concept was a really fun idea. They also provide the world with circuit workouts, theme challenges and motivation. Today, I have the “Tribesports Abs and Legs mini Circuit” for you. It`s what I will do this afternoon after a short run. If you want to join me, please let me know how you like the exercises. I think they are all easy and I love that in a short time you can be rather efficient in getting a little strength session in. You can also take the challenge officially over on Tribesports along with many other challenges that are sports and fitness related. Have fun with it!

How To Set Your Capris on Fire

One day after a nice long run I returned back home. The sun was shining and kept me warm as I set around the balcony and thought about the 10K I just ran. I sipped my water, leaned back and let the sun hit my face. I just had my post-race meal and didn`t expect anything as I was lying with me feet up and relaxing. My water bottle was safely placed between my legs. On a side note, I always place everything between my thighs, my bottles, my cell phone while I`m driving or the hair dryer when I wrestle with a strand of hair. Suddenly, I felt a stinging right on the top of my right thigh. I didn`t think much about it. But since I did not have anything else to worry about, I rubbed my pants and noticed they were really heated up. Sitting outside I did not expect the sun to play some physics experiments, braking it`s rays in my water bottle and burning a hole into my beloved new capris.

The sun on my way to college.

I ran two hilly miles at a pace of 9.49 today. It was not easy. Three weeks ago I ran more than 6 at a pace of 9.45. What a difference a bit of resting and changes in elevation can make.

Have a great start to the week!