#Janathon Day 11

  • 1.11 extremely icy miles, more were planned but I didn`t want to risk slipping. Instead, the mileage number fits the date. 

#Janathon Day 3

  • 4 miles

These four miles will bring a whole community one step closer to the moon. Why, you ask? Because in honour of Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – Tribesports member Nick B set up a challenge to “reach the moon”. And you don`t even have to run to get there. In this virtual challenge every lap in the pool, mile on a bike or rowing on the water counts. It`s “just” 384,400 km and the community wants to reach that goal before Neil Armstrong`s next birthday on the 5th of August. Click on the picture to get to the challenge.

RUN TO THE MOON Challenge poster from Tribesports via WithAnna.Wordpress.com

Ready for Cold Days

First of all thank you for all the tips on Thursday`s questions regarding running in the cold and base building. Friday I went to Budapest`s new Nike shop in the  WestEnd shopping center and picked up one thinner and one thicker long-sleeved running tops. For now, these should be fine, as the weather gets colder I will see whether I`d prefer more warmth all over or just a vest or arm-warmers.

I am not planning to wear those shorts but I found that you could see better how long the tops are than when I wear long tights.

The first one on the left is called the Nike Miler top and is made from a thin “dri-fit” fabric. I think it is great for around 10 degrees Celsius and for layering underneath a jacket or fleece once it gets colder. The color I chose is a pale red that has grey-ish undertones. This top does not have thumb holes, it is rather fitted but loose at the same time. I am wearing a size S.

On the right, I am wearing a slightly thicker sweater with a zipper. It zips up nicely and keeps the neck warm, it has small reflective parts and I believe the color is pretty well visible as it gets darker as well (I do need safety gear though!). This top has thumb holes and it fits a little tighter. I believe it is called the Nike Element Half-Zip top. I am wearing a size XS. This is probably worn best between 0 and 10 degrees when it is not too windy.

On another note my run yesterday went very well! I could feel my glutes after climbing some smaller elevations in the forest but overall I was very happy. Now I am working on a base-building plan that I want to use from Monday on. Any suggestions are welcome!