#Janathon Day 4

  • Foam rolling followed by 20 minutes of arm-exercises. Two repetitions of this 10-minute workout for “tank top arms”. 

Body Focus: Abs & Legs

Maybe you have already spotted that little button on the right side of the blog? I signed up for Tribesports, a little earlier this fall. It`s a community of people who enjoy working out and setting smaller and bigger challenges. As I`m always up for one, I thought the concept was a really fun idea. They also provide the world with circuit workouts, theme challenges and motivation. Today, I have the “Tribesports Abs and Legs mini Circuit” for you. It`s what I will do this afternoon after a short run. If you want to join me, please let me know how you like the exercises. I think they are all easy and I love that in a short time you can be rather efficient in getting a little strength session in. You can also take the challenge officially over on Tribesports along with many other challenges that are sports and fitness related. Have fun with it!

The Awesome & the Awful

Do you have those weeks when your workouts feel super easy and fun and then suddenly everything turns around 180 degrees and you don`t even want to take the next step? I did take that next step and I did finish my run today but it was no fun. The reason was the heat, Budapest is suffering from yet another heat wave. I`m still debating my Half Marathon in three weeks – I will be prepared but the race is going to start at 10 am and if the heat is as insane as it is now I don`t know if I can handle it.

Sunday`s Awesome Long Run:

My other new best friend as of late.

Sunday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill. The one at the Hilton in Milan – with a TV, iPod dock and all that jazz. That was fun. I ran it in roughly 1.50 – a new PR, including negative splitting! I had the time to catch up on the news, watch some really bad soaps and listen to music. Afterwards, I got to meet my beloved foam-roller again. I need one!

Tuesday`s Awesome Strength Session:

Since I picked up a pair of dumbbells (2 kg each as a start) yesterday, I was excited to try them out right away. My workout of choice? The Core by Lauren (Health on the Run), once again! Last time I did one set of the main part, yesterday I upped it to 1.5 sweaty sets.

Today`s Not So Awesome Tempo Run: 


Post-run. Proud that I didn`t give up!

I had 45 minutes on my plan. Shouldn`t be too hard, I thought, even with the temperatures rising by the minute. Everything started off nice and slow but when I slowly increased the speed I felt the need to slow back down again. The breathing got harder and my heart rate went up. I pushed it through for about a minute and slowed. About ten minutes later I reached my least favorite part of that course – extremely soft track. My form was bad and my Achilles started to hurt. I stretched and continued on the road instead. At the end I didn`t feel very successful but I was proud because I finished the run!

Tomorrow will be an easy five miler and I am really looking forward to that – hoping for a better run after this not so fun one. The positive thing is that hard workouts really pay you back. Rant end.

The Day Before the Soreness

For today, my plan read to do a three mile run followed by a strength session.

The run was unspectacular. I learned that in order to make the treadmill more fun I need to do a little bit of a fartlek like workout. Today I went at 8 km/hr for 5 minutes, 10 km/hr for another 5, 12 km/hr for 5 as well. Then 8 km/hr for 2.5 minutes, 9 km/hr for the next 2.5, 10 km/hr for the following 2.5 minutes and 11 km/hr until the second to last lap. The last lap or 400 meters I ran at 12 km/hr. The hotel gym has a not-so amazing standard temperature of 28 degrees celsius and this is with two air conditioning systems set to 10 degrees on the highest setting. I didn`t feel the tiniest movement of air and was soaking wet after the workout. My time was 28 minutes and 47 seconds at an average pace of  9:35!

After the run I wanted to do one of my favorite strength and core routines – “The Core” by Lauren at Health on the Run. Since I haven`t done strength work in weeks it was quite tough and I decided that after doing the warm up routine twice that I would leave it at one full run-through for today. I need to build that strength back again!

The hotel doesn`t have a huge variety of free weights so I did the following:

  • 20 x Stiff-Legged Deadlifts with two 2kg weights
  • 20 x Regular Squats with two 2kg weights
  • 20 x Squat Shoulder Press with two 2kg weights
  • 20 x Sumo Squats with one 5kg weight
  • 20 x “Here Comes the Bride” with one 5kg weight
  • 20 x Sumo Squat + One Arm Raise with one 2kg weight
  • 20 x Renegade Rows with two 2kg weights

For those rows at the end I had to put my towel on the floor to have a softer ground underneath the dumbbells. Otherwise they would have just scooted around on the floor while I tried to move one arm up and back down again.

Hy my name is Anna. I won`t look like a sweaty tomato after my shower, promise!

Finally I added a 60 second #PlankADay. That`s currently all I do on a regular day but today it was freaking hard! After all those “new” things I`m already mentally preparing myself for having to roll out of my comfortable hotel bed tomorrow.

Lauren already warned me that walking stairs would be no fun tomorrow so I am more than happy that the hotel has an elevator. I just hope I can make the floor of stairs up to my language school without looking ridiculous or making weird noises!

Congratulations Janae and Billy! And welcome Brooke Lin!

Post-workout I enjoyed a healthy snack – carrots dipped into greek yogurt which by the way is a new love of mine. I also took some time to catch up with blogs. You should all head over to Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl who gave birth to her first daughter the beautiful Brooke Lin yesterday and congratulate her!

Juneathon Day 29: One More

#PlankADay: 1.00

Strength: 20.00

Spinracing: 1.00.00


Today was my last “hard” workout for Juneathon since tomorrow is a rest day. I went to my favorite Spinracing class with my mom and was surprised at her strength. I was really proud of her!

I also worked on my Strength, mainly legs but also arms, shoulders and lower back. Of course there was a plank but really, it was not a long one. I`m excited about the fact that this Juneathon is coming to an end, I am sol excited about what I plan next, more about that tomorrow!

Juneathon Day 26: Resting, Stretching, Strengthening

100 Push Up Challenge: 14, 18, 14, 14, 20 = 80

#PlankADay: 1.30

30 Minutes: Stretching & Strengthening


Because Sunday and Monday were quite intense days I took today off. I tried to sleep in, but as I am a morning person I was up and awake shortly after 8 o`clock.

After breakfast I foam rolled and then took out my baby doggy (and my new white chucks) out for a walk. My afternoon I spent with a short plank, more stretching and strengthening of manly the calf area that is feeling better and better every day. I have not worn any flip flops or sandals in the last week and I am absolutely certain it has made a positive impact on my injury!

Then I made plans to go running with my friend tomorrow morning, again. This makes me a lot more excited about the 4 miles I wanted to cover, even though I have to get up extra early. But I have all afternoon to do nothing again. I also got some good news in, today: I passed all of my courses for the second semester.

Since I didn`t do the push up challenge yesterday, I had to get it done today. I had no idea yesterday`s Spinracing was so hard on the arms and shoulders until I got into the push up position. The first set of 14 felt hard. On a scale from 0 to 10 it was probably 7. The next 18 were no better, especially not considering I was only granted around 60 seconds of rest (I try to stick to the programs suggestions). Then came to more sets of 14, which were really hard but okay. For the final “at least 20” I wanted to quit and collapse after around 10. Reaching the 14 was hard, 18 almost unbearable and after pushing myself up with all my force, completing push up number 20 I basically collapsed on the floor.

But! There is a new record of 80 planks. Let me warn anyone who is doing this challenge too: jumping from column two to column three has you perform at least 20 extra push ups per workout! That is a lot!

Now I am heading off for an early night of sleep. I still need to catch up on some! Hope everyone had a great day!

Juneathon Day 23: One Week Ahead

#PlankADay: 1.30

100 Push Up Challenge: 12, 13, 10, 10, 22 = 67

Stretch & Strength for legs & core


Everyone who is participating in Juneathon, can you believe there is only one more week left? I have had such a good time I definitely want to continue working out more, become more regular and increase the amount of things I do, if I can.

What did I do today? Most of the day was actually not workout focused. I am enjoying the summer heat and the fact that we did not have 36 degrees celsius but only around 30 instead. I also picked up a few things for my trip to France (because you need an excuse, right?)

First I stopped by the Body Shop Company that finally opened a real store here in Budapest. I went a little crazy on shower gels and got a pile of testers. Then I picked up some white chucks because my old ones I through out ages ago, they were so dirty. I also got three easy reads for in between.
Finally, I went looking for a running singlet/tank because I don`t want to wear warm t-shirts but also don`t always want to run in a sports bra only, at some places I just don`t think it is that appropriate.

At home I did a bit of stretching and strengthening – lounges, my plank and finally the push up challenge. I know I did not take a rest day but I felt positive that I could do the workout today already and I still have to do the “two week test” tomorrow, more of that will follow in that post.

I improved my number of push ups again but today was a little harder than yesterday. The last set, where you basically do as many as possible got really hard, but that`s what it is all about. I ended the day with a dessert and a lemonade at a cafe.


Lastly a shout-out to Hélène who is racing a 10K tomorrow. Run fast, race hard, finish strong! I hope you have an amazing run! You will have a great race, believe in yourself and the training you went through! Have a great experience! And remember, hills come to an end, they won`t go on forever. Take it easy!

Juneathon Day 17: Hot Tub

#PlankADay: 1.30 (form)

Various stretches & strength


It`s already Sunday and I was actually relatively busy today. But I had some fun, too. I went to the pool on the island and enjoyed some time lying around in around 35 degrees, reading a book (being sunburned – in the shade with spf!). The pool was packed from the beginning on but I love sitting in the “hot tub” as I call them – thermal water (the rotten-eggs/smelly type) and doing nothing or swimming in slightly cooler water. There is a lot to you can do in the “Palatinus” on Budapest`s Margaret Island – definitely a place to go to if you visit the city in the summer months and want to spend some hours relaxing.

At home I did a whole bunch of strengthening exercises as well as rolling out my muscles. I`m getting the feeling that my calf pain actually comes from my imbalanced legs and my feet so that`s what I have been working on. Doing single leg exercises, for example. I also did a bunch of lunges, calf raises, toe lifts, toe and heel walking, etc.

Last but not least and before getting ready for a good night of sleep I managed to squeeze in my form plank. 1.30 – as always. I used to do this in the mornings when I first started out but do them whenever I find time, now.

On June 20 #PlankADay is celebrating its birthday. Participants try to plank “around the clock” – 24 times in 24 hours. I will try and participate in this challenge. What about you? Use the hashtag on twitter and start planking!

Juneathon Day 14: Two Weeks Later

#plankaday: 2.30
3 miles: Running (~30.00)
I started my run here, today.
Can you believe we are already two weeks into June and two weeks into Juneathon? I finally finished a three miler today and felt decent. The best thing was the view, really. I started off at the foot of the hill, crossing one of the bridges and continued along Pest side. Then I crossed the bridge again and stopped to stretch and relax in the sun because I had some extra time left. My plan was to run to the next bridge and cross it again before taking the tram back to downtown but decided to make it up the hill instead.
For #plankaday I try to alternate long-plank-days with 90-second-form-planks. For the long planks I focus on form less and usually listen to music or turn on a clip on youtube. For the shorter ones I concentrate on having a great form. 90 seconds is the mark I can hold nicely. My goal was to brake two minutes today. My second goal was to go above 2.20 (my former record) and my last goal was to go to 2.30. So it happened. My abs were so so so sore. I collapsed on the floor and stretched in up-dog afterwards.
And this is where I finished my run.
And now again my update on the second Juneathon week:
#plankaday: 12.40
~12 miles: Running (~1.40.00)
100 push ups: 66

Another Sport: Bouldering

Yesterday, I went bouldering for the first time. Those of you who know as little as I did about this: It`s basically a form of (indoor) climbing where you usually don`t go much higher than 3-4 meters. A huge mattress is on the bottom because you don`t wear any safety gear.

I have never climbed anywhere before, not in a gym, not anywhere else, other than that, I don`t consider myself strong, I am rather scared of heights, and I need some time to find my balance.

In theory, Bouldering isn`t hard, you grab at what ever you think will be good to hold onto while keeping your balance and try to move up or around corners or whatever you want.

The reality for me looked more like the following: Standing at the bottom absolutely plan less what to do, I grab at one thing, another one, I move up once, twice, maybe three times, I loose my balance, I don`t know what to hold onto, because the tiny parts seem not to work, I jump back down.

When you see someone who is experienced doing it, they will figure out where to go before (some “problems” – that`s how you call them -are real ways that you need to follow), then you might see them going through the different grips in their head, and then it looks like they are literally just pulling themselves up in one motion, swinging from one side to the next as if they were dancing.

In conclusion, for me the first time was quite hard, I never got much higher than a few steps which didn`t really make me optimistic. I lost the fears I had, but the doubts are still there. I might go and try it again however.

Have you bouldered before? Or climbed? What are your impressions? Ideas? Tricks?