#Janathon Day 7-10

Sorry for the belated updates, here goes: 

  • 1/7: 15 minutes of leg strength 
  • 1/8: —
  • 1/9: 2.19 miles
  • 1/10: 2.19 miles (different route, identical mileage, ran in the new shoes)

Saucony Shadow via WithAnna.Wordpress.comThese just moved in with me. They are the Saucony Shadow and have a 4mm heel to toe drop. I`ll be able to review them soon hopefully! 



Playlist Thursday – Refreshed for 2013

Another Thursday, another Playlist! This week, the theme is to post something old, current and to consider that is new on your playlist. For a fresh start to the new year!

Playlist Thursday Logo by the Pavement Runner

Something Old

Artist: Sally Oldfield
Title: Woman Of The Night
Side Note: The 80s! Not a song I listen to on runs necessarily but when shutting off on the couch, watching the snowflakes fall, drinking a cup of hot tea. I found this in parents CD collection by chance and think it`s “interesting” – still not sure if it`s a good interesting or not.
Quotable: “It`s dark in the street but it feels like // Heaven is all around me!”

Something Current

Artist: Maddi Jane
Title: Barricade
Side Note: I`m obsessed with this little girl. Heck, she`s just a child! And her voice is just amazing, don`t you think? Just put this onto my current go-to running playlist. (Erika, you could like this girl!)
Quotable: “So no matter how far, whatever it takes // You will make it through the day, I`m your barricade”

Something to Consider

Artist: Bill Lovelady
Title: One More Reggae For The Road
Side Note: As crazy as it sounds, I have this song in a Reggae Mix that came on during a recent run when I had my music on shuffle. Hours later I found myself humming the chorus. So much positive energy, don`t you think?
Quotable: “Gonna sing it to you before I go // Everybody!”

#Janathon Day 3

  • 4 miles

These four miles will bring a whole community one step closer to the moon. Why, you ask? Because in honour of Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – Tribesports member Nick B set up a challenge to “reach the moon”. And you don`t even have to run to get there. In this virtual challenge every lap in the pool, mile on a bike or rowing on the water counts. It`s “just” 384,400 km and the community wants to reach that goal before Neil Armstrong`s next birthday on the 5th of August. Click on the picture to get to the challenge.

RUN TO THE MOON Challenge poster from Tribesports via WithAnna.Wordpress.com

Playlist Thursday: Songs that Help You Zone Out

I feel honored because today`s Playlist Thursday theme was suggested by me, when I had to see that there was still no upcoming theme yesterday. I chose this, because I am still in the middle of midterm seasons as I shared yesterday and just need to get out of my routine and relax. At the same time, I will listen to these on a long run, when I want to turn my brain off and just have a background soundtrack. Thank you to the Pavement Runner for featuring the idea.

As always the rules are to post one current song, an old one and something to consider. You can enter your playlist into the catalog or view other blogger`s posts there! And as always I`d love to hear your chosen songs in the comments!

Something Old

Artist: The Beatles

Title: Let it Be

Side Note: I got to take a look through a friends CD collection last weekend and found some great oldies to listen to in my car when I get tired of listening to commercials or waiting for good songs to come up. On one of the CDs, Let it Be is song number six and it has been playing on repeat on my commute!

Quotable: “When I find myself in times of trouble”

Something Current

Artist: Loreen

Title: Euphoria

Side Note: You don`t know this song? It`s from the Eurovision song contest. I didn`t like it at first I must admit, but then I heard it on a party and after that it was stuck in my head for days. A beautiful song, I believe.

Quotable: “We are here, we are all alone in our own Universe”

Something to Consider

Artist: Adele

Title: Make You Feel My Love

Side Note: Another fabulous song and one of my favorites. Adele has a beautiful voice and to this song I can really shut down and calm myself.

Quotable: “And the whole world // is on your case // I could offer you // a warm embrace”


How To Set Your Capris on Fire

One day after a nice long run I returned back home. The sun was shining and kept me warm as I set around the balcony and thought about the 10K I just ran. I sipped my water, leaned back and let the sun hit my face. I just had my post-race meal and didn`t expect anything as I was lying with me feet up and relaxing. My water bottle was safely placed between my legs. On a side note, I always place everything between my thighs, my bottles, my cell phone while I`m driving or the hair dryer when I wrestle with a strand of hair. Suddenly, I felt a stinging right on the top of my right thigh. I didn`t think much about it. But since I did not have anything else to worry about, I rubbed my pants and noticed they were really heated up. Sitting outside I did not expect the sun to play some physics experiments, braking it`s rays in my water bottle and burning a hole into my beloved new capris.

The sun on my way to college.

I ran two hilly miles at a pace of 9.49 today. It was not easy. Three weeks ago I ran more than 6 at a pace of 9.45. What a difference a bit of resting and changes in elevation can make.

Have a great start to the week!


Winter Base Training Week 1

For anyone who was wondering what kind of training I decided to do after I made my decision to base train from now on… I am using the Hal Higdon Winter Training Plan. I don`t know if I will be able to get every workout in as the days get colder and we will hopefully have some snow around the holidays but for now I think it is a good plan. Basically it consists of 5 runningdays, 1 rest day, 2 scheduled strength workouts and 1 cross training day.

Training Volume for Hal Higdon`s Winter Training Plan (via Training Peaks).

Hal Higdon Winter Training Plan (via Hal Higdon)


Mondays: Easy & Short Run, Strength training

Hal says that this is the perfect day to go to the gym, run for 15 or 20 minutes on the treadmill and then do some strength training.

This week, I ran my 15 minutes easy. I did not get in my strength training but foam rolled a lot. It was my first real run in two weeks and the start of a period in which I really want to incorporate specific strength moves regularly.

Tuesdays: Easy & Long Run

This week the mid-week long run was 45 minutes. Again I ran on the street and I didn`t feel calf pain at all! I was so happy! I proceeded to foam roll after. On tuesdays I might want to run on some rolling hills sometimes (I live in a hillier area anyways) but it really depends on my schedule from college.

Wednesdays: Easy Run, Stretching & Strengthening

Wednesdays are always 30 minute runs for this plan with additional stretching and strength training. All I focused for in terms of strength were my shins/calves this week but from next week on I want to start the actual strength and cross training.

Thursdays: Tempo Run

On Thursdays, tempo runs, one of my least favorite workouts are scheduled. I did mine on Friday but for the sake of introducing you to this plan I will sum it up here. I know I should not run too fast for the tempo run but I really felt like pushing myself (hence the extremely slow pace afterwards). That`s why there is a sub-9 minute mile in there (I was so thrilled!!).

Fridays: Rest 

Yes, so the rest day happened on Thursday.

Saturdays: Easy & Long Run

In this plan, Saturdays are the days for the actual long runs ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours in time. The whole plan is based on time rather than miles actually. Again I didn`t do this workout on Saturday but on Sunday instead. This run was okay, my only option was to go downhill first and uphill second so my pace slowed rather significantly towards the end. I hated the last few minutes but I never felt bad. And besides it was a beautiful sunny day!

Sundays: Cross Training

And another thing I didn`t do yet: cross training. So, I had more rest than prescribed but in the end I had a fabulous week sans pain and problems and am more than happy about this. For next week I will start cross training as well as strength training and other than that shuffle my plan around if I need to due to the weather or my classes. But as most workouts are easy this is not really a problem. Finally, I will listen to my body and be smart about this training season/base building.

Some details for those of you who are just as obsessed with numbers as I am:  (the blue-highlighted line shows the weekly total/average; the first run is on the bottom, the last one on the top.)


Is it the Weather? – Winter Base Building

Two weeks ago, I found it wise to take a day off from running because my shin is always complaining after running on the roads. Two weeks ago was also my last run. That`s right. I don`t feel injured though. Every day that I wanted to pick running back up, I felt the shin pain again. The day after, when I had decided to rest for another 24 hours there was nothing. I have since stretched, strengthened, rolled, iced and cross trained. What I still don`t know is what is wrong. Maybe it`s just a mood of my right leg or the weather? Some people always feel the weather changing and maybe my leg decided to do it as well?

Because of these two weeks and the amount of things I currently have to do Uni-related I think I will skip any race-related training and start building back a safe base over the winter. I know Fall just started but already the days are so much shorter and I do not feel safe running on my own in the dark after I return back home every day.

I am looking for a good base building plan that leaves me with some freedom regarding the days when I choose to work out (also because the weather will most likely not get better but only worse). I am also considering a new pair of shoes and I have been taking notes on any parks or forests that I usually drive by but usually don`t notice.

Well, the good news is: tomorrow I am going for a run and then we will know more! Until then, do you have any important tips for winter running that I need to know? It`s my first time!

NATO 10K – Race Recap

Time: 1:00.12, official time 1:00.40 (without sensor registration mat at the start)

Distance: 10km

Conditions: Sunny, Cloudy, Warm (24 degrees), Flat race course

Women: 199/299


I wanted to race in September and so I did!

Well, let me start at the beginning or rather the end: My Garmin measured the course at 6.18 miles – I am assuming that it might have been short.

The Course:

So, it was (supposed to be) a 10km race, with a tiny downhill part but other than that very, very flat. We started behind the Budapest castle, rounded it partly, crossed the river via the Chain Bridge, ran along the big boulevard, to the heroes square, through the city park and then to the finish at the border of the city park.

The Race:

I really, really, really wanted to go sub-1-hour, if I had done my math on the course, it would have been possible. But it was a first – my first 10K so I am beyond happy. I ran together with a friend and thought we wouldn`t stick together but we did and it made everything that much better. We didn`t talk but having someone to push you when you slow down on a boring stretch really helps. I prefer some turns in my races, I don`t want to see where I am going for the next two or three miles.

My friend Szilvia and I.

Anyways, there were two water stations, the first one was out of water and they were quickly trying to fill up new cups but we were there to run and not to wait so we both just grabbed half of a cereal bar and ran on. I felt absolutely positive until about the last third of the long, straight part (towards the right hand side on the map above).

It was a smaller race which I liked, and it seemed pretty well organized too. Big plus point!

The park is, where the course looks a little like an 8-shape. I stopped here once, but only to take a deep breath and then I continued. My pace was anywhere between the lower 9-minutes and lower 10-minutes, with an average around 9.41. I never thought I could keep a sub-10 pace for an hour!

Coming closer to the end, I was ready for it to be over, I saw a big air filled arch and sprinted. Then I stopped, paused the Garmin and… noticed it wasn`t even over. There was the race photographer and… a turn. The race continued for about another 150 meters. People started screaming because more and more runner stopped early. “Only 100 more meters,” they said. I wish I had known this before, I really didn`t want to speed up once again. Then, of course I stopped the Garmin a little late, the next time around. But I reached the finish!

My last thought before crossing the line: I never want to run again. My first after crossing it: I love this so much, let me sit down and think about the next race!

I`m still waiting for the official times, but there was no sensor registration at the beginning so I`m assuming it might be off as well, as we didn`t start at 11am sharp. I`m also waiting for official photos, hoping there are some decent ones.

Horrible picture but I`m in the back and my friend right next to me. I think our form was pretty good!

Again, there was no race-bling but a guy running with a shopping cart and a woman who fell straight on her face. She got up and continued, though.