PT Mollie`s Virtual Training Group

Virtual training final2 colour

Join the fun! Starting January 14. Mollie Millington is starting a new – her sixth – round of the eight week long Virtual Training Group. Starting out with three SMART goals you are ready to go for weekly e-mails with articles, tips and Mollie`s report. It really is the perfect time to join, you don`t need gym buddies (you don`t even need a gym!) or friends to rely on for your early morning runs. All you need is some resolutions for the new year that you want to keep. That`s easy, right? It could be anything, like an exercise routine, healthy eating habits, you name it.

Head over to Millie`s blog to find out more and sign up before January 14., I am really exited to take part in this and I`m sure, judging from all of the positive responses to previous training groups hosted by Millie, you would enjoy it too.

The very best aspect? For first-timers the virtual training group is free, for veterans, you are asked to pay a very affordable sum of $15 (that is for the full cycle).


My New Years Resolutions for 2013

Travel - New Years Resolutions via Food - New Years Resolutions via Enjoy - New Years Resolutions via Change - New Years Resolutions via Celebrate - New Years Resolutions via Active - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.comSo much is happening this year, and I still have no idea where I will end up come summer. Instead of making very specific goals this year I decided to remind myself to appreciate all the things I have, live healthy and enjoy life. This is what makes me happy and I hope you have a very happy and successful year too.

I want to keep racing, I want to find a nice flat in a nice city, I want to visit London and travel to Amsterdam, I want to enjoy quiet warm evenings with my friends in street restaurants, read books, take pictures, evolve my style, cook and host friends and family and enjoy every single moment of it.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


This Was Juneathon! (Day 30)

#PlankADay: 3.32 (PB!)



  • Is a rest day, because tomorrow I want to run long and my glutes are so sore from yesterday!
  • I broke my record planking time with a new personal best of 3.32!

Awesome Things

  • I toned my abs, glutes, arms and shoulders!
  • I was injured, iced and started feeling better!
  • I worked out with friends!
  • I planked 24 times in 24 hours (and since haven`t planked for very long anymore)
  • I planked for over 3 minutes.
  • I completed 100 Push Ups in five sets on my way to 100 consecutive push ups
  • I loved sports, myself and I made awesome friends!

What Now?

  • I want to keep working out daily, even if that means all I get in will be a plank.
  • I loved posting about my daily workouts, but sometimes there is just not a lot to tell so I`m leaning towards regular more interesting posts and more of a mixture in general
  • I will not commit to a challenge for next month that has me working out every day because there are things that have higher priority (travels, friends, friends…)
  • There is still a lot I want to do!

New Goals for July! 

  • Learn how to do a handstand (such a tiny thing but I can not do it)
  • Learn how to swim freestyle
  • Run a Half Marathon (since I can`t find a race that fits into my schedule, I will have to do this on my own)
  • Plank more than three minutes again
  • Perform 100 consecutive push ups

The Final Roundup for June

  • Swimming: 2.10.00
  • Stretching & Strengthening: 2.25.00
  • Spinning: 4.15.00
  • #PlankADay:  1.15.52
  • Running: 43 miles
  • 100 Push Up Challenge: 501
  • Elliptical: 10 Minutes


10.15.52 of Workouts (minus Running/Push Ups),

501 Push Ups,

43 Miles of Running!

Currently Craving: Make Up Edition

If you read my very first post about my New Year`s Resolutions, you know that I am trying to improve my Make Up skills from my almost-less-than-beginner ones (basically applying mascara, using moisturizer, lip balm and I am out the house) to an acceptable every day look.

I am looking for something natural, easy and quick, that highlights what I like most about my face and hides the little blemishes which I don`t like. Now, I do not tend to break out and have only minimal scaring left from the times that I did (a little). So I guess a tinted moisturizer should be the most I am going to wear (if even). I have heard great things about the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and think it could match what I am looking for. I would like to wear a tiny bit of blush, and liked the look of Nude Peach by Bobbi Brown, when I swatched it at my local Douglas.

One of the things I like most are my eyes, so I want to make them stand out a little more by adding a thin line of black liner along the upper lash line and of course use some Mascara as well. I do not, however, want to have to bother with applying different colored eyeshadows to my brow bone, lid, crease, inner and outer corner, etc. just yet.

So, here you can find a few things that I imagine might be great as a start and that would build a good base for a daily routine.

If you have any tips and tricks, please share them in the comments!

12 Resolutions for 12 Months of 2012, Plus 1 to Check Off!

Happy New Year 2012!

I love making lists about everything and New Years is a perfect opportunity! Of course the most important one includes my new year`s resolutions for 2012. I never used to make any resolutions but over the past couple of years I seriously got a hang out of it and start thinking and writing down possible resolutions for the next year months in advance. Besides the obvious: live healthy, workout regularly, study hard, be good, I have some more specific goals for the upcoming year.

  • Start a blog! (Klick!) I love writing, I want to learn how to take proper pictures since I got a “grown-up” camera for christmas (Sony SLT Alpha 35) and I would love to get feedback on the topics that I plan to write about. This includes my running journey as well as fashion, beauty, lifestyle and anything else I can think of in the future. And because I accomplished this goal hereby, I might as well check it off my list!
  • Finish my first half marathon! Last year after having gotten into the whole working out and running thing, I already signed up for a half. It was in early September and I was actually prepared quite well, but then I just kind of hit the wall somewhere in the final miles and stopped. This year, there is going to be a half on April 1st in the beautiful town I live in: Budapest and this time I want to cross the finish line proudly!
  • Think about a marathon in october? I know I haven`t even run my first Half, but there is still a tiny option that I might, maybe consider signing up for the full 26.2 miles. But since right now this is crazy and I still have more than 10 months to get ready, let`s just keep this as a little side note.
  • Try out a Yoga class! I have never tried Yoga. Back in middle school we had a teacher who talked us through some basics, and did some easy things with us, but that does not count. I want to find out what everyone is talking about and I am eager to try it out ASAP.
  • Go to a spinning class! I know, shame on me, this is also something I have never done before. I have just always been terrified of the soreness and never wanted to be the newbie. But I know that`s stupid, so spinning it is.
  • And while I`m at it: take a Pilates class as well! Why not? I have never done this before either, and one year should be long enough to get this done with.
  • Learn how to swim proper Freestyle! I know, it`s a shame. I learned how to swim back when I was in kindergarten but I never really made it any further than a simple breaststroke. I do swim backstroke regularly because it`s supposed to be good for my spine, but I never got the whole Freestyle thing. My swimming teacher never taught me properly, so as soon as I start I will either just drown because, probably, my leg kicking is not good enough or strong enough (I don`t even know!) or I don`t get enough air or something else happens.
  • Plus, I need to start swimming straight lines when swimming backstroke, because I keep on swimming left and right or hitting others (if this was you: I`m very sorry!) – but this is a minor thing.
  • One more workout related thing: strength train regularly! I have done this every once in a while, but of course that will not improve anything, so obviously I need to change that.
  • Travel to a new place! (Klick!) I have traveled quite a lot, over the years. I have seen big parts of Europe and drove from east coast to west coast and back in the US twice. I have been to Africa and I even spent about thirty minutes in Asia during my trip to Istanbul, Turkey in 2010.
  • Go to Paris! Need I say more? I have been there when I was younger, but I really want to go back! See the Eiffel tower, eat french baguette, and so on.
  • Learn how to do a proper face makeup! Most days I apply some Mascara, sometimes some eyeliner, occasionally I will use eye shadow and on my lips you will find only chapstick most of the days. Sometimes there is a pop of pink or red, but that`s about it. It`s time to set up an everyday look that works.
  • Find a signature scent! I am so sensitive about smells that I will probably not manage to do this, but at least I can give it a try. Right now I`m using up Coco by Chanel which I do like but got bored of and the Burberry London fragrance which I find is more unique but I often do not like.

So, I got 12 resolutions down for the 12 months of 2012. And hopefully in a year`s time from now, I can come back and have them all checked off!

I hope you all have an amazing year of 2012 and make the best out of it! I also cross my fingers for every single one of you to achieve all of your resolutions!

What is on your list of resolutions for 2012?