PT Mollie`s Virtual Training Group

Virtual training final2 colour

Join the fun! Starting January 14. Mollie Millington is starting a new – her sixth – round of the eight week long Virtual Training Group. Starting out with three SMART goals you are ready to go for weekly e-mails with articles, tips and Mollie`s report. It really is the perfect time to join, you don`t need gym buddies (you don`t even need a gym!) or friends to rely on for your early morning runs. All you need is some resolutions for the new year that you want to keep. That`s easy, right? It could be anything, like an exercise routine, healthy eating habits, you name it.

Head over to Millie`s blog to find out more and sign up before January 14., I am really exited to take part in this and I`m sure, judging from all of the positive responses to previous training groups hosted by Millie, you would enjoy it too.

The very best aspect? For first-timers the virtual training group is free, for veterans, you are asked to pay a very affordable sum of $15 (that is for the full cycle).