#Janathon Day 7-10

Sorry for the belated updates, here goes: 

  • 1/7: 15 minutes of leg strength 
  • 1/8: —
  • 1/9: 2.19 miles
  • 1/10: 2.19 miles (different route, identical mileage, ran in the new shoes)

Saucony Shadow via WithAnna.Wordpress.comThese just moved in with me. They are the Saucony Shadow and have a 4mm heel to toe drop. I`ll be able to review them soon hopefully! 



Juneathon Day 2: #plankaday and Nike Training Club

#plankaday: 1.18

30 minutes: Stretching

30 minutes: Cardio (Abs and Legs)


First a bit of randomness: I bought two bottles of Powerade to try them for my long-run hydration, since I had trouble with them during last year`s Half Marathon. Also, I picked up printed band-aids on an IKEA trip. Yes. They are cute. Don`t you agree?

The Workout

I started of the day with the #plankaday challenge, as inspired by Dash (once again – thank you!). My time: 1:18.

In the afternoon, I used the free Nike Training Club app on my iPhone.

Yay for 360 minutes and now even 405 minutes of usage!

  1. 15 minutes of “Shawn Johnson – Stretch Guide” as a warm up. I`m in the process of creating my own routine, which should be more effective than this one.
  2. 15 minutes of “Jeanette Jenkins Ab Blast” which I found really hard. I found this physically challenging and it requires some balance at the same time, which I have trouble with. It also reminds me that I need to invest in a proper yoga mat that is not as thin as my current one.
  3. 15 minutes of leg works using the “Leaner Legs” routine. This specific workout consists of many squats, some deadlifts and a lot of jumps. The same five minute long routine is repeated three times. You don`t need equipment, though I think it is advisory for the deadlifts, at least.
  4. Finally, I finished off with another 15 minute stretching session but used the Stretch Guide only as a “guide” really and added some more stretches for the lower back and legs as well as calves.

Nike Training Club App

Today I want to share my two cents on the iPhone app “Nike Training Club“.

What is it?

Nike Training Club is a free app that offers a large variety of workouts and serves as your personal trainer. It will let you choose either specific body areas that you want to focus on (“Get Focused”) or a goal such as “Get Lean”, “Get Toned” or “Get Strong”. Some of the workouts require some extras like dumbbells, a yoga mat, medicine balls, etc. If you don`t have any of those at home, don`t worry, there are not only other workouts, but sometimes you can also skip the weights, especially when you are just starting off or you can use something else (a big water bottle, a heavy book, …).

How does it work?

After you choose your goal, you have the choice between beginner workouts or more advanced ones. In the next step you can select the actual workout.

After clicking on “Do Workout” a voice will guide you through the steps, telling you when to switch legs or motivating you to go on for another 5 seconds. Longer workouts include a warm-up phase as well as a cool-down and stretching phase and sometimes also breaks. If you don`t know what exactly you need to do, you can watch a little video of the set or look at some pictures that offer a short description. This will of course also stop the time and resume when you are ready.

After reaching specific time goals you get workout rewards such as little badges or recipes or additional workouts by famous athletes. This selection is also currently updated. One of the most recent ones is a great 15 minute Stretch guide by Shawn Johnson.

My thoughts…

I think this app is brilliant, not only can you work out with the help of a trainer and without needing to leave the house but you can also share your workouts on Twitter or Facebook, you can schedule reminders for your next workout and a sweat and soreness are usually guaranteed.

Of course you can also take this app to the gym if you are unsure what to do with all those dumbbells and different kind of weights.

For me, this is a must have app for quick results and a sweat in between.


Have you tried the Nike Training Club app? What are your thoughts?

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Being Active Again: 8 Happy Things

I`ve started to log some miles again and even went out (I mean it. Outside.) for a swim this morning. I immediately noticed how much better I felt. I was happy that…

  • the snow melted and I didn`t have to go meet my buddy the treadmill. And of course that the sun actually came out!
  • my measured mile time was 7:25 which for me is amazing!
  • I had Apple pancakes as a post run recovery meal.
  • I ran in knee length running tights instead of my ultra warm full length ones. I also skipped the jacket and went for a long sleeved shirt instead.
  • I felt sore from some Nike Training Club workouts on Sunday.
  • I could run on the city island this morning and enjoy the beautiful view along the river and meet fellow runners, skaters, bikers..
  • I went swimming. I haven`t been in forever but it feels so good, and I especially like the warm water when outside it`s only around zero degrees Celsius.
  • I feel a little sore now. Because I know that I have done great!


My delicious pancakes. They were crazy good!Image

My view this morning as I crossed the bridge to go running!