#Janathon Day 11

  • 1.11 extremely icy miles, more were planned but I didn`t want to risk slipping. Instead, the mileage number fits the date. 

#Janathon Day 3

  • 4 miles

These four miles will bring a whole community one step closer to the moon. Why, you ask? Because in honour of Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – Tribesports member Nick B set up a challenge to “reach the moon”. And you don`t even have to run to get there. In this virtual challenge every lap in the pool, mile on a bike or rowing on the water counts. It`s “just” 384,400 km and the community wants to reach that goal before Neil Armstrong`s next birthday on the 5th of August. Click on the picture to get to the challenge.

RUN TO THE MOON Challenge poster from Tribesports via WithAnna.Wordpress.com

#Janathon Day 2

  • 10 minutes warm-up on the elliptical
  • 30 minute circuit including 5 minutes of core specific exercises

Read this today, so true isn`t it? Click on the picture for the full article! I think I might have been guilty of saying no to that cookie, but I resolve to indulge in 2013, it`s just a “damn cookie”! Anyone else willing to commit that he has done it before?

Eat the Damn Cookie via WithAnna.Wordpress.com