How To Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Board with overlay

I love Pinterest, but taking pictures, writing content and publishing them on the internet  is hard work, and on Pinterest the original source is often lost. Because I was sick of clicking through to false links, third-party advertisers or just blank pages and because my pins were starting to take overhand, I thought it was about time, I got started hunting down sources, adding fitting comments and sub-categorizing even further. Here is how:

1. Start With One Board.

Pinterest Board with Under Construction HeadlineI added an “under construction” description to this board. It`s my “Home” one, full of pins that I will likely never look at again if they are not broken down into specific rooms.

2. Look for Easy Sources. 

Source of a pinterest picture

You see that grey, bold text line? That`s the source of the picture. is a site you might know, they blog mostly about home design, it`s likely that this pin on my “Home” board was originally posted on this website. Go ahead and click through to the source to check whether you can find the image and it seems to be it`s place of origin. You can? Good, then it`s time for personalizing!

3. Make the Picture Relevant. 

Edit Pin Page on PinterestFirst, add your own description. Why is this pin relevant to you? What do you like, or what does it show? Think of it like an alternative text (the descriptive text shown when images on the internet cannot be displayed). Next, paste the correct link into the link box, in case you found a better source. And finally, choose a board or create a new one – for me this pin on the right will from now on be found on my “Living Room” board.

4. Tackle the “Bad Pins”. 

Pinterest Pin with a Bad SourceThis next picture I have is one from Tumblr. Tumblr, it`s a wonderful place for finding mostly inspirational pictures, but usually the original source is lost. Sometimes you can click through to it or find a hint on the website, otherwise, it`s time to save the picture on your desktop and…

5. Reverse Google.

Reverse Google LayoutGo to Google Images, click on the little camera icon on the right side of the search bar and upload your picture. Likely, it will spit out a relevant term and all the sites on which this or similar pictures have been used. Sometimes, you can find a source on the image, a watermark or name (usually to be found in the corners or along the sides), this could help narrow down the list of links.

If you were lucky and found a source, great job! Now go back an repeat step number 3 before the fun begins!

6. Make Boards Relevant.

Edit Board Screen on Pinterest

Categorize your boards, it really just takes a second! I also like to add a fun quote (you could use a description) as seen below.

Board Headline on Pinterest

7. Make it Trackable. 

Adding a description to a picture in Mac.

Finally, dear context creators, make your pictures easily trackable. Add a relevant description to your picture titles before uploading them to the internet and add your website link! The extra bonus? Whoever pins a picture from your site will get the title (or the alt text, if you add one) as a proposed picture description. It`s likely that many don`t even edit this, making your source stick out even more.

8. Don`t Give Up.

Don`t fall back into re-pinning pictures without sources later, and keep strong, eventually you will have worked through your pins. Hopefully more people will do this soon!

By the way, you can find my Pinterest right here.


October Goals

Last month I started posting my monthly goals. 30 days later it`s time to follow up on the old goals and set new ones.

September Goals:

Workout Related

  • Workout wisely and stay healthy – no injuries this month Done. I did take some days off as a measure of safety but no, I was not injured.
  • Race – at least two races are on my to do list and another one is in the back of my head I raced yesterday – my first 10K. The other races were canceled and never took place.
  • Do it together – work out with friends when possible My friends and I discovered just how well we can work out together. Now I need friends who push me. I do treasure my solo runs though!
  • More sets – increase my strength training to three sets of the core. Nope. I did 2.5 sets and was going for 3 but it didn`t happen.


  • Work hard daily – College starts again in two weeks and I am more than ready to study every day I started successfully, my first presentation is Thursday and it`s all ready and prepared already.
  • Cut down unnecessary time on social networks – Facebook? Really? I get notifications, I don`t need to check back constantly! Another check, you see, it was a good month!
  • Host friends – my Birthday is coming up and some old friends are in town, perfect to catch up I met friends at home twice, we had a lot of fun!
  • Sleep – I need my eight hours and if I can not get them in the morning, I just need to go to bed earlier, not that hard It really makes a difference and I am so much more relaxed!

October Goals:

Workout Related

  • I want to do those three sets of the Core. I was so close!
  • Swim. I still have credit on my membership card, it`s time to use it!
  • Run with even more friends.
  • Stretch, roll, stretch, roll, … need I say more?


  • Relax. Sans watch. I have my phone by my bed, I am always calculating time – whether it`s spent or left, I need to chill!
  • Read. I have not finished a single book lately and there are so many I want to read.
  • Drink Water. I lacked, on some days I didn`t even drink 2 litres. This month I`ll have 1.5 litres a day, at least (I know!)

That`s it. All I can think of for this month.

Did you make any goals this month? Could you cross anything of your list from September?

9 Tips for Running on Vacation

After my recent trips through West-Europe I thought I would give you my tips on how to keep on schedule with your running while abroad.

Tip # 1: Pack Light

When I traveled to Barcelona I packed the smallest amount of workout gear I could. Chances are, you are only travelling with a carry-on so you do not want to take all of your cute tops and pants and skirts and shoes for working out. I brought one pair of sneakers, two pairs of shorts, two sports bras, two tops, workout socks and comfortable underwear. Generally speaking: I had two sets of clothes that would serve multiple sports. The sneakers were really what took up the greatest amount of space but you could definitely stuff them with socks or other small things in your luggage.

Tip # 2 : Basics Only

Basic colored sports-bra and double sided shorts by Nike.
This does not only apply to your everyday clothing. Since you are packing light, you will want to choose basics and not bright clothes that only match one of the sets of clothes you bring. I brought a pair of black tight shorts and a pair of Nike Tempo shorts because both work great for running but also lifting or whatever else you might want to do. Not only is it easier to mix and match the sets you bring but you will also avoid being recognised as the person that always wears the same clothes to the gym.
If you find any there are also workout clothes that are double sided. Some of them even have two different colors (Nike has some, for example).
Tip # 3: Bring Detergent
Since you are only bringing a limited amount of clothing you might want to wash them every night (or as often as needed). As I said above, I traveled to Barcelona for two weeks with two sets of workout gear. Whenever I finished my workouts, I washed the clothes.
You can often find small bottles or tubes of detergent specially made for hand-washing and travels. The one I found was ox-gall soap with a brush applicator – perfect for rubbing it into any spots. A simple hotel soap will do too, if you don`t want to pack liquids. Just throw the sweaty clothes into the sink filled with warm water and soap. Meanwhile, you can jump under the shower. When you are done, wash anything that needs extra care, rinse under clear water and wring it out. Then hang everything to dry over night. Towel bars work great, so do faucets for smaller items if space allows. Some people even bring a clothesline.
I didn`t only wash my workout gear, by the way, a stain in your favourite shirt? Throw it into the sink as well and it will be as good as new!
Brush applicator detergent
Tip # 4: Do Your Research Beforehand
There are sites such as Run The Planet or Dailymile that offer you many routes all around the world. You can also do a keyword search in Google (e.g.: Running in Barcelona/Paris/…). If you are lucky, you will come across a blog or newspaper entry that can provide you with routes. If nothing helps, look for your accommodation on Google Maps and search for any green spots or parks around the place. If you find a name, you could do another keyword search.
Some cities also have organised running groups that you could join for free or running tours of the city.

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How to Run Your Speed Workout on the Treadmill

Have you ever tried to run your interval session or speed workout on a treadmill?

For me, my plan today read “9×400 @ 5K” or in words: nine repetitions of a faster 400 meter run at your 5K-Race-Pace.

Problem Number 1:

In general, treadmills do not always show your current pace, instead they display your overall running time and speed in kilometres or miles per hour. To find my goal pace I entered my goal Half-Marathon pace into the McMillan Running Calculator and then checked the section for Equivalent Race Times in different times.

You could of course also use the “Your Optimal Training Paces” section but then you still have to convert the time into a pace. In my case roughly 1.50 minutes or 110 seconds multiplied by 2.5 and divided by 60 and then the decimal part multiplied by 60 again:

110 x 2.5 = 275.

275 / 60 = 4.58333

.4583 x 60 = 27.5

=> 4 minutes and 27/28 seconds.


Problem Number 2:

In order to convert your pace into a speed you will likely need another tool – at least I do. For this I use my trusty Treadmill Cheat Sheet. First you will need to find your pace under the Min/Km or Min/Mi section (with this tool you can even use your 5 km race time directly!) and then you look at the column entitled MPH or km/hr. I figured I would try to go for roughly 13km/hr or a little slower if I felt like it because I would still hit my time goal.

Problem Number 3:

What I finally had to get used to was shifting gears on the treadmill. The one I use at the gym here in Barcelona has buttons for every second speed (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, … km/hr) – some will have an actual number pad which makes things a lot easier. I took my cellphone with me to write down my 400m times during the recovery periods.

I was struggling with leaning forward on a moving surface and press buttons eleven times (since I could only choose 12km/hr and then go from there on) a little but managed not to break my neck.

The Result:

Will I do this all again? Maybe not, maybe yes. It was fun being able to count down the meters on the display but I think I would be happier on a track or with a Garmin.

In the end I ran nine times 400 meter at 1.50 sharp without getting faster or slower.