#Janathon Day 4

  • Foam rolling followed by 20 minutes of arm-exercises. Two repetitions of this 10-minute workout for “tank top arms”. 

Running Achievement: Fast & Easy Miles

Today for the first time I went out for an easy run and felt fast! I ran sub 10 minutes, actually more around 9.34 average which is a huge step for me and felt confident. Everything was right today and I am so thankful for that! My breathing worked out perfectly, my posture was good, every uphill felt incredibly doable, I didn`t have the tiniest bit of pain on the downhills and I really had a blast.

I was on my favorite trail again, one I can just not get bored of. It`s an easier trail but I enjoy it so much. It was warm but completely shady under the trees. When I was about to start I saw another car pulling up. The runner from that car ran at the exact same pace as I did and he was right behind me. At first I thought: “dude, just overtake me, this is getting annoying” but then (yes, it was an easy run, but it was so much fun!) I just went with it and let this stranger push me. Whenever I could hear his steps closer to me again I stepped it up a tiny bit until he turned away onto another trail. I met many other runners and the sweetest dog during this run, too and had so much fun.

Still, the way back was not quite as fun and I took it one turn at a time but today was such an acknowledgement of what my body is capable of. I`m thankful for awesome runs, what about you?