#Janathon Day 5

  • 1.83 miles

Is it the Weather? – Winter Base Building

Two weeks ago, I found it wise to take a day off from running because my shin is always complaining after running on the roads. Two weeks ago was also my last run. That`s right. I don`t feel injured though. Every day that I wanted to pick running back up, I felt the shin pain again. The day after, when I had decided to rest for another 24 hours there was nothing. I have since stretched, strengthened, rolled, iced and cross trained. What I still don`t know is what is wrong. Maybe it`s just a mood of my right leg or the weather? Some people always feel the weather changing and maybe my leg decided to do it as well?

Because of these two weeks and the amount of things I currently have to do Uni-related I think I will skip any race-related training and start building back a safe base over the winter. I know Fall just started but already the days are so much shorter and I do not feel safe running on my own in the dark after I return back home every day.

I am looking for a good base building plan that leaves me with some freedom regarding the days when I choose to work out (also because the weather will most likely not get better but only worse). I am also considering a new pair of shoes and I have been taking notes on any parks or forests that I usually drive by but usually don`t notice.

Well, the good news is: tomorrow I am going for a run and then we will know more! Until then, do you have any important tips for winter running that I need to know? It`s my first time!