#Janathon Day 2

  • 10 minutes warm-up on the elliptical
  • 30 minute circuit including 5 minutes of core specific exercises

Read this today, so true isn`t it? Click on the picture for the full article! I think I might have been guilty of saying no to that cookie, but I resolve to indulge in 2013, it`s just a “damn cookie”! Anyone else willing to commit that he has done it before?

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My New Years Resolutions for 2013

Travel - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.com Food - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.com Enjoy - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.com Change - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.com Celebrate - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.com Active - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.comSo much is happening this year, and I still have no idea where I will end up come summer. Instead of making very specific goals this year I decided to remind myself to appreciate all the things I have, live healthy and enjoy life. This is what makes me happy and I hope you have a very happy and successful year too.

I want to keep racing, I want to find a nice flat in a nice city, I want to visit London and travel to Amsterdam, I want to enjoy quiet warm evenings with my friends in street restaurants, read books, take pictures, evolve my style, cook and host friends and family and enjoy every single moment of it.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


Howdy 2013!

Tata 2012 Howdy 2013 via WithAnna.Wordpress.comThank you for making my year so very special, thank you for every visit, comment, like or share! You guys made my year!

I am wishing you all a very happy, successful, special and exciting year 2013. May all your wishes come true. I hope you reach all of your goals, meet new people, love and spend time with your friends in families in harmony. I wish you hours filled with laughter, happy memories and special moments! May 2013 be better than any of the past years!



Just Your Weight

My mother is the type who will weigh herself every day. She even keeps a log. Some days there is no difference and on other days she`ll loose or gain a few grams. That`s life. My mother is more concerned about her weight than the average person, I would say, because I really don`t usually step on a scale.

If I do, I see a number that I wish was actually a little higher. Yes, those people exist. But I know that the number is not a reflection of how much I do, to feel great every day. It`s not rocket science. This number however high or low it may be in kilograms or pounds is just your weight. What is important is that you feel good about yourself.

In my local gym there is a scale, “that`s crazy”, I thought at first. But sometimes I step on it to check whether I am drinking enough during exercise. Because that water will be part of the end number.

Don`t be confused if your weight doesn`t change even though you work out every single day. In the original article Scales Can`t Tell You Everything it says: “In the end, your weight is quite simply the cumulative number of your fat, muscle, bone, cartilegde and organs – it will never tell you what the proportions of these things are from that one number!”

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It`s winter officially now! I hope you all have a wonderful and white holiday season, wearing wool hats, mittens and down filled coats, building snowmen with the family, sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate, buying last minute presents and celebrating together! What are your plans for the holidays?


Becoming a Pro…

…at writing cover letters and CV`s. That`s what I`ve been doing, in short. But, no, thanks, I don`t want to discuss my future “professional” life just yet, so today, my friends, I have something much better.

…I`d rather become a pro at yoga. But that won`t happen from one day to the other and my first try way back earlier this year was a disaster, if you remember. Actually, I made plans to attend some more yoga classes over the holidays or during my upcoming exam month and winter break.

And, in fact, I have incorporated a little bit of yoga into my daily stretching routine. Before I go to bed I will really stretch out, it relaxes me, and I feel like I am already becoming more flexible, as my body warms up. Tribesports send me this today, it will be my routine tonight:

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence via WithAnna.Wordpress.com

If you go to yoga, and unlike me are not completely confused by all the different styles and names, please help me and tell me what kind of class I should attend for a second “first”. Something suitable for beginners, and totally stiff people like me.