How To Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Board with overlay

I love Pinterest, but taking pictures, writing content and publishing them on the internet  is hard work, and on Pinterest the original source is often lost. Because I was sick of clicking through to false links, third-party advertisers or just blank pages and because my pins were starting to take overhand, I thought it was about time, I got started hunting down sources, adding fitting comments and sub-categorizing even further. Here is how:

1. Start With One Board.

Pinterest Board with Under Construction HeadlineI added an “under construction” description to this board. It`s my “Home” one, full of pins that I will likely never look at again if they are not broken down into specific rooms.

2. Look for Easy Sources. 

Source of a pinterest picture

You see that grey, bold text line? That`s the source of the picture. is a site you might know, they blog mostly about home design, it`s likely that this pin on my “Home” board was originally posted on this website. Go ahead and click through to the source to check whether you can find the image and it seems to be it`s place of origin. You can? Good, then it`s time for personalizing!

3. Make the Picture Relevant. 

Edit Pin Page on PinterestFirst, add your own description. Why is this pin relevant to you? What do you like, or what does it show? Think of it like an alternative text (the descriptive text shown when images on the internet cannot be displayed). Next, paste the correct link into the link box, in case you found a better source. And finally, choose a board or create a new one – for me this pin on the right will from now on be found on my “Living Room” board.

4. Tackle the “Bad Pins”. 

Pinterest Pin with a Bad SourceThis next picture I have is one from Tumblr. Tumblr, it`s a wonderful place for finding mostly inspirational pictures, but usually the original source is lost. Sometimes you can click through to it or find a hint on the website, otherwise, it`s time to save the picture on your desktop and…

5. Reverse Google.

Reverse Google LayoutGo to Google Images, click on the little camera icon on the right side of the search bar and upload your picture. Likely, it will spit out a relevant term and all the sites on which this or similar pictures have been used. Sometimes, you can find a source on the image, a watermark or name (usually to be found in the corners or along the sides), this could help narrow down the list of links.

If you were lucky and found a source, great job! Now go back an repeat step number 3 before the fun begins!

6. Make Boards Relevant.

Edit Board Screen on Pinterest

Categorize your boards, it really just takes a second! I also like to add a fun quote (you could use a description) as seen below.

Board Headline on Pinterest

7. Make it Trackable. 

Adding a description to a picture in Mac.

Finally, dear context creators, make your pictures easily trackable. Add a relevant description to your picture titles before uploading them to the internet and add your website link! The extra bonus? Whoever pins a picture from your site will get the title (or the alt text, if you add one) as a proposed picture description. It`s likely that many don`t even edit this, making your source stick out even more.

8. Don`t Give Up.

Don`t fall back into re-pinning pictures without sources later, and keep strong, eventually you will have worked through your pins. Hopefully more people will do this soon!

By the way, you can find my Pinterest right here.


My New Years Resolutions for 2013

Travel - New Years Resolutions via Food - New Years Resolutions via Enjoy - New Years Resolutions via Change - New Years Resolutions via Celebrate - New Years Resolutions via Active - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.comSo much is happening this year, and I still have no idea where I will end up come summer. Instead of making very specific goals this year I decided to remind myself to appreciate all the things I have, live healthy and enjoy life. This is what makes me happy and I hope you have a very happy and successful year too.

I want to keep racing, I want to find a nice flat in a nice city, I want to visit London and travel to Amsterdam, I want to enjoy quiet warm evenings with my friends in street restaurants, read books, take pictures, evolve my style, cook and host friends and family and enjoy every single moment of it.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


Advent Bazaar in Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city and I have not shared nearly enough of it so I thought I`d show you some impressions from the Christmas Market I went to earlier this season. Hungarians make wonderful christmas cakes and sweets but are also famous for their different kinds of hot foods which most of the foreigners don`t tend to like very much. Nevertheless, Hungary does have a very nice traditional cuisine.

What is not so nice was the decoration of the city`s christmas tree but well, only very few of the big city`s trees look decent these days..

I particularly like this advent bazaar – the city`s largest – because unlike the one in Vienna for example, they still sell mostly handmade goods and food and not so many imported gifts.

Which is your favorite advent bazaar? And what`s your favorite treat? Mine is definitely Hungarian chimney cakes or roasted almonds. Yum!
Christmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via

2012 Gift Guide for the Techie

For today`s gift guide I covered the techies. I myself am a sucker for technology, pretty cases, fun gadgets, new technology. I love it all. My favorite from the set below would be the Michael Kors bag as it seems to hold a ton and would be very practical for studying and work. I also love the USB sticks or ear muffs and for a long day, that extra battery for the iPhone would be perfect for me, too!

Kate Spade Headphone Earmuffs, Apple iPad Mini, Kate Spade USB Ring, Horn iPad Speaker StandMichael Kors Jet Set Macbook Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bunny USB Keychain, Bobino Cord Wraps, Power Mate Plus for J.Crew backup iPhone battery, Olloclip iPhone lens, Agloves Touch Gloves, Tree-t Headphone Splitters, Livescribe Smart Pen to Computer

I`m in the Mood for…

Gravelines, France

  • a long run in the forest
  • smoothies, every day – all day
  • getting my routines back on track
  • shutting off, just for an hour or two
  • jumping into a pile of crisp fall leaves
  • a mani-pedi at home and a long hot bath
  • my two presentations this week to be over
  • eating home-grown apples, pears and walnuts
  • burning a nice scent while getting ready for bed
  • indulging in pancakes and a hot cafe latte with my friend
  • going spinning, or swimming or perhaps to a Yoga class?
  • getting really, really sweaty – with sweat in my eye-balls even
  • the holidays – even though it will be my last year living at home
  • an evening with a book, a cup of hot chocolate and no regrets for staying up long
  • making this point shorter.

What are you in the mood for?

Fall Hues




I know, I know, I haven`t been around a lot lately. Uni completely overwhelmed me but I think I have things figured out now so, welcome back! For the weekend I joined my family at our summer house so I thought I`d just show you some impressions from here – fall has come and with it came the grapes, the apples and pears, beautiful skies and lots of color! 


Weekend Moments

First of all, thanks for your birthday wishes. I turned 19, as you probably guessed, on Saturday and had a very happy day with my close family and friends. There was a lot of laughter, good food and ice-cream cake involved, just to give you some facts. Or help you imagine how full I was at the end of the evening. Because I have been getting ready for my classes which officially start tomorrow I have not been getting much done in the blogging field. Instead, I thought I`d provide you with some snapshots of what has happened and what is about to come.


I am now a proud owner of a Garmin GPS watch and I am beyond thrilled. Please meet Garp, that`s what I named him, he will be around a lot in the future! Find the birthday balloons in the background! I used to be obsessed with balloons.


a jacket for the colder days slowly approaching, which..

..could have easily been inspired by Essie`s nailpolishes in Tart Deco and Flirt. What a coincidence!

Such a sweet idea by the girl I babysit and her mother and it came as a total surprise.

Snacks for the guests before going out for dinner later.And part of a France-themed gift package. Pure deliciousness!

And finally my ice-cream birthday cake and the smaller one provided by the restaurant complete with sparklers. Picture by my sweet friend Szilvia.

I am really grateful for my friends and family and for having had them all come and celebrate with me last weekend.

I hope you all have a great week filled with lots of happiness!