How To Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Board with overlay

I love Pinterest, but taking pictures, writing content and publishing them on the internet  is hard work, and on Pinterest the original source is often lost. Because I was sick of clicking through to false links, third-party advertisers or just blank pages and because my pins were starting to take overhand, I thought it was about time, I got started hunting down sources, adding fitting comments and sub-categorizing even further. Here is how:

1. Start With One Board.

Pinterest Board with Under Construction HeadlineI added an “under construction” description to this board. It`s my “Home” one, full of pins that I will likely never look at again if they are not broken down into specific rooms.

2. Look for Easy Sources. 

Source of a pinterest picture

You see that grey, bold text line? That`s the source of the picture. is a site you might know, they blog mostly about home design, it`s likely that this pin on my “Home” board was originally posted on this website. Go ahead and click through to the source to check whether you can find the image and it seems to be it`s place of origin. You can? Good, then it`s time for personalizing!

3. Make the Picture Relevant. 

Edit Pin Page on PinterestFirst, add your own description. Why is this pin relevant to you? What do you like, or what does it show? Think of it like an alternative text (the descriptive text shown when images on the internet cannot be displayed). Next, paste the correct link into the link box, in case you found a better source. And finally, choose a board or create a new one – for me this pin on the right will from now on be found on my “Living Room” board.

4. Tackle the “Bad Pins”. 

Pinterest Pin with a Bad SourceThis next picture I have is one from Tumblr. Tumblr, it`s a wonderful place for finding mostly inspirational pictures, but usually the original source is lost. Sometimes you can click through to it or find a hint on the website, otherwise, it`s time to save the picture on your desktop and…

5. Reverse Google.

Reverse Google LayoutGo to Google Images, click on the little camera icon on the right side of the search bar and upload your picture. Likely, it will spit out a relevant term and all the sites on which this or similar pictures have been used. Sometimes, you can find a source on the image, a watermark or name (usually to be found in the corners or along the sides), this could help narrow down the list of links.

If you were lucky and found a source, great job! Now go back an repeat step number 3 before the fun begins!

6. Make Boards Relevant.

Edit Board Screen on Pinterest

Categorize your boards, it really just takes a second! I also like to add a fun quote (you could use a description) as seen below.

Board Headline on Pinterest

7. Make it Trackable. 

Adding a description to a picture in Mac.

Finally, dear context creators, make your pictures easily trackable. Add a relevant description to your picture titles before uploading them to the internet and add your website link! The extra bonus? Whoever pins a picture from your site will get the title (or the alt text, if you add one) as a proposed picture description. It`s likely that many don`t even edit this, making your source stick out even more.

8. Don`t Give Up.

Don`t fall back into re-pinning pictures without sources later, and keep strong, eventually you will have worked through your pins. Hopefully more people will do this soon!

By the way, you can find my Pinterest right here.


My New Years Resolutions for 2013

Travel - New Years Resolutions via Food - New Years Resolutions via Enjoy - New Years Resolutions via Change - New Years Resolutions via Celebrate - New Years Resolutions via Active - New Years Resolutions via WithAnna.Wordpress.comSo much is happening this year, and I still have no idea where I will end up come summer. Instead of making very specific goals this year I decided to remind myself to appreciate all the things I have, live healthy and enjoy life. This is what makes me happy and I hope you have a very happy and successful year too.

I want to keep racing, I want to find a nice flat in a nice city, I want to visit London and travel to Amsterdam, I want to enjoy quiet warm evenings with my friends in street restaurants, read books, take pictures, evolve my style, cook and host friends and family and enjoy every single moment of it.

What are your resolutions for 2013?


Just Your Weight

My mother is the type who will weigh herself every day. She even keeps a log. Some days there is no difference and on other days she`ll loose or gain a few grams. That`s life. My mother is more concerned about her weight than the average person, I would say, because I really don`t usually step on a scale.

If I do, I see a number that I wish was actually a little higher. Yes, those people exist. But I know that the number is not a reflection of how much I do, to feel great every day. It`s not rocket science. This number however high or low it may be in kilograms or pounds is just your weight. What is important is that you feel good about yourself.

In my local gym there is a scale, “that`s crazy”, I thought at first. But sometimes I step on it to check whether I am drinking enough during exercise. Because that water will be part of the end number.

Don`t be confused if your weight doesn`t change even though you work out every single day. In the original article Scales Can`t Tell You Everything it says: “In the end, your weight is quite simply the cumulative number of your fat, muscle, bone, cartilegde and organs – it will never tell you what the proportions of these things are from that one number!”

scales via



One to Mention: Set Bang Pretty

While on Twitter I stumbled across a tweet about the “1000 Squats a Week” Challenge. Squats are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your thighs and get your bum into shape, I think I might join the challenge once I worked up to the amount of squats needed.

I clicked on the link to the blog and found out about Set Bang Pretty, an online women’s gymwear boutique. Their long-sleeved cropped tops immediately caught my attention so I continued to read about the shop. According to the text on the website, they feature a small collection of selected  pieces in limited qualities that are a little bit special, perhaps a little bit sexy but in my opinion often very interesting! Head over to their shop here!

Set Bang Pretty via WithAnna.Wordpress.comFrom top left to bottom right: Aria reversible top (£40.00), Twist top (£45.00), Crop in Snake (£39.00), Capri pants (£48.00), Goal shorts (£45.00), Scrunchy V capri pants (£47.00)

I think some of these designs are very pretty, especially the sports bras and capris. You need to check the homepage for available colors if you are interested, because of the limited selection available. By the way, Set Bang Pretty has free shipping in the UK!

What do you think of the designs?

Personal disclaimer: I am in no way connected to Set Bang Pretty, I discovered the shop online and thought I`d share them with everyone else who was interested in “fit fashion”.


My Favorite Calendars for 2013

Is a calendar a must have of your life? I love planning my life ahead of time. In fact, I feel like I really have to, juggling my studies, my private life, my workouts and of course the blog. A beautiful planner is a must have for me. I will keep ongoing lists, look at my week or month at a glance and keep track of my assignments. Because 2012 is slowly coming to an end and planners also make for great christmas presents, I thought I`d show you a few of my favorites for the year of 2013 as well as introduce you to why I like them.

+ quirky: I love this planner by sarah pinto (1. $20) because it is so nice and colorful, it comes in different colors too. Another printed alternative would be this super cute Kate Spade ($38) one.

+ classic: Moleskines (2. $12) are a real classic, the paper is super soft and even people like Ernest Hemingway have used the leather-bound notebooks before. For 2013 they came out with new colors and special editions (for example “the Peanuts” ($16)). Another classic would be the Filofax (this model $89)  which is more expensive but many consider it a worthy investment and a real must have.

+ chic: I like this Kate Spade (3. $168)  planner even more than the Filofax ones. The refills have the same cute cover print as the desktop versions and are really something I look forward to every year.

+ for him: I love Japanese designs so of course I love Muji`s (4. $35.75) very simple but elegant black suede planner. I think this is perfect for him as well. The details and features of the Japanese designs are always a hit with anyone loving fonts, print and stationary. Another resource I love is mochithings.

+ personalized: Nothing beats a personalized agenda in my opinion. You will use it for a few months, so why not make it look cute and add a sweet picture, name or logo? This planner by Erin Condren for Tiny Prints (5. $60) has very handy tabs and features a personalized cover picture and name. It also has a goals section for each month. Also check out all of the other personalized goods which would make awesome gift ideas!

+ different: Finally, I have a very different approach to a planner for you. I really love trying new concepts and this is really one to look into. These WeekDate (6. $36.99) calendars are broken into three sections. You can see the month, week and day all at once which makes it perfect for people with many repetitive events and mothers managing a big family. They provide a new approach to the weeks of a month (name first to last as opposed to 1. to 31.) and have color coded week days. Click here for the how to.

Which one is your favorite? Or have you tried creating your own calendar using the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, or perhaps a different one? 

Be Happy!

+ For the time being, with all of my studies and one last week of deadlines and midterms I will remain a little MIA. But I have happy news, everything is going very well right now, just today I got back two excellent assignments and could not be happier because I know that the hard work really pays off. I rewarded myself with a necessity: a wool beanie and matching mittens from H&M.

+ On another note I want to tell you about the zero calorie advent calendar hosted on Mollie`s (PT Mollie) blog from December 1st, 9am GMT on. It is the perfect advent calendar for all of us sports enthusiasts, and those who love to live their life in a healthy way. Two more of my favorite bloggers from London Becca (From Snickers to Marathon) and Christine (Diary of a Dashing Fashionista) have worked hard to make this very special holiday series possible. One of my recipes will also be part of the advent calendar as well as plenty of workouts, motivation, business offers and more from many participants. Everything will be online for one day only so starting December 1st, check back daily at 9 on PT Mollie to find new ideas and offers! Also look out for the hashtags #0calendar and #FatFreeXmas on Twitter and Facebook.


2012 Gift Guide for the Home

Today, my gift guide is a home related one. I stuck with metallic and neutral shades, christmas scented candles, a serving set with bells, a cozy blanket or just some bottled glitter…

Diptyque Myrrhe Candle, Jayson Home Gold Feather Tray, Zara Home Napkin Rings, Anthropologie Serving Set, Design Within Reach Organic Cotton Knit Blanket, Jayson Home Bottled Glitter, Maison Martin Margiela Matriochkas

2012 Gift Guide for Him


This is something for the fashionable and cool man or rather men in your life. Golden cufflinks for the husband, a guide-booklet for the father-to-be or an iPhone case for your brother. I would find something on here even for the hard cases like my father who would for example love the watch. Jack Spade iPhone Case, Luis Morais Bracelet, Mougin & Piquard x J.Crew Watch, Lanvin Bow Tie, Brooks Brothers Book, Lanvin Cuff links, Illesteva Glasses, Richard James Wool Beanie