Hello, my name is Anna!

I was born in Germany, but spent my life abroad. I lived in Russia, Nigeria, the United States as well as Hungary. I study Business Studies in Budapest, Hungary since 2011.

When I`m not studying, you might find me outside running, or exploring the city. Or, of course blogging on With Anna. I`m always on the lookout for new places around town, things I haven`t seen or little shops or restaurants I haven`t been to.

  • My skills: I hate clutter, if I don`t like something, it will most definitely have to leave. I`m generally really organized, and I love making lists (maybe you can tell). I have mental and physical lists of anything: things I need, want to do, need to do, … . I am very precise but a little perfectionist at times.
  • My taste: I love to eat especially sweets: cookies, cakes, ice cream, fruits. Just no meat (this includes fish) and no tomatoes (I can`t stand the taste).
  • My style: I love clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry but I always go for basics and some fun pieces every once in a while. The thing I have too much of is probably white tees.
  • My interests: I like to explore and try out new things. Beginning with travels and new (or old) cities I like to get to know the things I haven`t seen or done before. This also applies to sports or fashion. I like to read and write and meet new people. I`m just starting to get really into photography and learn something new every day.
  • My blog: This is all about lifestyle, about fashion, about me, about workouts, about inspiration, about travels and the obstacles of life.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me any time! I`d love to hear from you!

Want to find out even more? Here are some previous random facts about me!



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