Becoming a Pro…

…at writing cover letters and CV`s. That`s what I`ve been doing, in short. But, no, thanks, I don`t want to discuss my future “professional” life just yet, so today, my friends, I have something much better.

…I`d rather become a pro at yoga. But that won`t happen from one day to the other and my first try way back earlier this year was a disaster, if you remember. Actually, I made plans to attend some more yoga classes over the holidays or during my upcoming exam month and winter break.

And, in fact, I have incorporated a little bit of yoga into my daily stretching routine. Before I go to bed I will really stretch out, it relaxes me, and I feel like I am already becoming more flexible, as my body warms up. Tribesports send me this today, it will be my routine tonight:

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence via

If you go to yoga, and unlike me are not completely confused by all the different styles and names, please help me and tell me what kind of class I should attend for a second “first”. Something suitable for beginners, and totally stiff people like me.


4 thoughts on “Becoming a Pro…

  1. I go to yoga classes regularly – they are an amazing complement to running. The style I do is called Vinyasa Flow and I’d really recommend it. Do you have somewhere that does something like that near you? A good teacher should be able to give beginners lots of alternatives through the class so you should be OK to just show up at a class, but some places will do beginner specific classes which is how I started.

    • Awesome, thanks! I do hope I`ll find a class like that and it`s a little harder with the language barrier and all, but I am willing to try because I really think I could use the extra stretch, strength and relaxation.

    • I never thought of at-home videos for yoga! Sounds like a good thing to get started then maybe I`ll have a little easier time when it comes to my first real class soon..? Thank you!

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