My Favorite Calendars for 2013

Is a calendar a must have of your life? I love planning my life ahead of time. In fact, I feel like I really have to, juggling my studies, my private life, my workouts and of course the blog. A beautiful planner is a must have for me. I will keep ongoing lists, look at my week or month at a glance and keep track of my assignments. Because 2012 is slowly coming to an end and planners also make for great christmas presents, I thought I`d show you a few of my favorites for the year of 2013 as well as introduce you to why I like them.

+ quirky: I love this planner by sarah pinto (1. $20) because it is so nice and colorful, it comes in different colors too. Another printed alternative would be this super cute Kate Spade ($38) one.

+ classic: Moleskines (2. $12) are a real classic, the paper is super soft and even people like Ernest Hemingway have used the leather-bound notebooks before. For 2013 they came out with new colors and special editions (for example “the Peanuts” ($16)). Another classic would be the Filofax (this model $89)  which is more expensive but many consider it a worthy investment and a real must have.

+ chic: I like this Kate Spade (3. $168)  planner even more than the Filofax ones. The refills have the same cute cover print as the desktop versions and are really something I look forward to every year.

+ for him: I love Japanese designs so of course I love Muji`s (4. $35.75) very simple but elegant black suede planner. I think this is perfect for him as well. The details and features of the Japanese designs are always a hit with anyone loving fonts, print and stationary. Another resource I love is mochithings.

+ personalized: Nothing beats a personalized agenda in my opinion. You will use it for a few months, so why not make it look cute and add a sweet picture, name or logo? This planner by Erin Condren for Tiny Prints (5. $60) has very handy tabs and features a personalized cover picture and name. It also has a goals section for each month. Also check out all of the other personalized goods which would make awesome gift ideas!

+ different: Finally, I have a very different approach to a planner for you. I really love trying new concepts and this is really one to look into. These WeekDate (6. $36.99) calendars are broken into three sections. You can see the month, week and day all at once which makes it perfect for people with many repetitive events and mothers managing a big family. They provide a new approach to the weeks of a month (name first to last as opposed to 1. to 31.) and have color coded week days. Click here for the how to.

Which one is your favorite? Or have you tried creating your own calendar using the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, or perhaps a different one? 


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