Howdy 2013!

Tata 2012 Howdy 2013 via WithAnna.Wordpress.comThank you for making my year so very special, thank you for every visit, comment, like or share! You guys made my year!

I am wishing you all a very happy, successful, special and exciting year 2013. May all your wishes come true. I hope you reach all of your goals, meet new people, love and spend time with your friends in families in harmony. I wish you hours filled with laughter, happy memories and special moments! May 2013 be better than any of the past years!




Just Your Weight

My mother is the type who will weigh herself every day. She even keeps a log. Some days there is no difference and on other days she`ll loose or gain a few grams. That`s life. My mother is more concerned about her weight than the average person, I would say, because I really don`t usually step on a scale.

If I do, I see a number that I wish was actually a little higher. Yes, those people exist. But I know that the number is not a reflection of how much I do, to feel great every day. It`s not rocket science. This number however high or low it may be in kilograms or pounds is just your weight. What is important is that you feel good about yourself.

In my local gym there is a scale, “that`s crazy”, I thought at first. But sometimes I step on it to check whether I am drinking enough during exercise. Because that water will be part of the end number.

Don`t be confused if your weight doesn`t change even though you work out every single day. In the original article Scales Can`t Tell You Everything it says: “In the end, your weight is quite simply the cumulative number of your fat, muscle, bone, cartilegde and organs – it will never tell you what the proportions of these things are from that one number!”

scales via




It`s winter officially now! I hope you all have a wonderful and white holiday season, wearing wool hats, mittens and down filled coats, building snowmen with the family, sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate, buying last minute presents and celebrating together! What are your plans for the holidays?


Becoming a Pro…

…at writing cover letters and CV`s. That`s what I`ve been doing, in short. But, no, thanks, I don`t want to discuss my future “professional” life just yet, so today, my friends, I have something much better.

…I`d rather become a pro at yoga. But that won`t happen from one day to the other and my first try way back earlier this year was a disaster, if you remember. Actually, I made plans to attend some more yoga classes over the holidays or during my upcoming exam month and winter break.

And, in fact, I have incorporated a little bit of yoga into my daily stretching routine. Before I go to bed I will really stretch out, it relaxes me, and I feel like I am already becoming more flexible, as my body warms up. Tribesports send me this today, it will be my routine tonight:

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence via

If you go to yoga, and unlike me are not completely confused by all the different styles and names, please help me and tell me what kind of class I should attend for a second “first”. Something suitable for beginners, and totally stiff people like me.

Advent Bazaar in Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city and I have not shared nearly enough of it so I thought I`d show you some impressions from the Christmas Market I went to earlier this season. Hungarians make wonderful christmas cakes and sweets but are also famous for their different kinds of hot foods which most of the foreigners don`t tend to like very much. Nevertheless, Hungary does have a very nice traditional cuisine.

What is not so nice was the decoration of the city`s christmas tree but well, only very few of the big city`s trees look decent these days..

I particularly like this advent bazaar – the city`s largest – because unlike the one in Vienna for example, they still sell mostly handmade goods and food and not so many imported gifts.

Which is your favorite advent bazaar? And what`s your favorite treat? Mine is definitely Hungarian chimney cakes or roasted almonds. Yum!
Christmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via WithAnna.Wordpress.comChristmas Budapest via

One to Mention: Set Bang Pretty

While on Twitter I stumbled across a tweet about the “1000 Squats a Week” Challenge. Squats are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your thighs and get your bum into shape, I think I might join the challenge once I worked up to the amount of squats needed.

I clicked on the link to the blog and found out about Set Bang Pretty, an online women’s gymwear boutique. Their long-sleeved cropped tops immediately caught my attention so I continued to read about the shop. According to the text on the website, they feature a small collection of selected  pieces in limited qualities that are a little bit special, perhaps a little bit sexy but in my opinion often very interesting! Head over to their shop here!

Set Bang Pretty via WithAnna.Wordpress.comFrom top left to bottom right: Aria reversible top (£40.00), Twist top (£45.00), Crop in Snake (£39.00), Capri pants (£48.00), Goal shorts (£45.00), Scrunchy V capri pants (£47.00)

I think some of these designs are very pretty, especially the sports bras and capris. You need to check the homepage for available colors if you are interested, because of the limited selection available. By the way, Set Bang Pretty has free shipping in the UK!

What do you think of the designs?

Personal disclaimer: I am in no way connected to Set Bang Pretty, I discovered the shop online and thought I`d share them with everyone else who was interested in “fit fashion”.