Be Happy!

+ For the time being, with all of my studies and one last week of deadlines and midterms I will remain a little MIA. But I have happy news, everything is going very well right now, just today I got back two excellent assignments and could not be happier because I know that the hard work really pays off. I rewarded myself with a necessity: a wool beanie and matching mittens from H&M.

+ On another note I want to tell you about the zero calorie advent calendar hosted on Mollie`s (PT Mollie) blog from December 1st, 9am GMT on. It is the perfect advent calendar for all of us sports enthusiasts, and those who love to live their life in a healthy way. Two more of my favorite bloggers from London Becca (From Snickers to Marathon) and Christine (Diary of a Dashing Fashionista) have worked hard to make this very special holiday series possible. One of my recipes will also be part of the advent calendar as well as plenty of workouts, motivation, business offers and more from many participants. Everything will be online for one day only so starting December 1st, check back daily at 9 on PT Mollie to find new ideas and offers! Also look out for the hashtags #0calendar and #FatFreeXmas on Twitter and Facebook.



4 thoughts on “Be Happy!

    • Aww, thank you, I`ll let him know. My little Collie is a boy and his name is Kutja. The correct spelling is Kutya though, it`s a hungarian word. Translated, Kutya just simply means dog.
      The reason is that when I was born, my parents had a cat, they bought her in Russia and her name was Cat, but in Russian. So if Kutja was born in Spain, he would probably be Perro. And yes, that`s an awkward name, especially living here, were people never believe me and just think that I don`t speak the language.
      Actually, when we got him, he was named “Holiday Xavier Goldboy”. Yep.

    • Thank you! That`s the times when I always buy something outside of my “need” list, just because I want it. Because I work hard enough. 🙂 I read that you are back to running and everything! Can`t wait to read more about it soon!

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