2012 Gift Guide for the Techie

For today`s gift guide I covered the techies. I myself am a sucker for technology, pretty cases, fun gadgets, new technology. I love it all. My favorite from the set below would be the Michael Kors bag as it seems to hold a ton and would be very practical for studying and work. I also love the USB sticks or ear muffs and for a long day, that extra battery for the iPhone would be perfect for me, too!

Kate Spade Headphone Earmuffs, Apple iPad Mini, Kate Spade USB Ring, Horn iPad Speaker StandMichael Kors Jet Set Macbook Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bunny USB Keychain, Bobino Cord Wraps, Power Mate Plus for J.Crew backup iPhone battery, Olloclip iPhone lens, Agloves Touch Gloves, Tree-t Headphone Splitters, Livescribe Smart Pen to Computer


4 thoughts on “2012 Gift Guide for the Techie

  1. Some really good ideas there, I’m always at a loss with techie gifts and having two male cousins who are 14 and 16, I always feel a bit stuck on what to get them. Vouchers are so boring!

    • That`s true, vouchers are often unpersonal. Have you thought of a game or something if they like to play on a Playstation or X-Box or the Computer? If they happen to have an iPod/iPhone, maybe a “cool” case? Or one of the toys/gadgets for it?

  2. Oh myyy! The Michael Kors Tote is unbelievably beautiful! I also adored the USB’s! Thanks for this wishlists!!!! I haven’t decided yet if I love them or hate them because they make me wanna buy it all.
    Dear Anna, I’m listening to a song you have to listen to. The group is Breakbot. I became a fan of theirs after watching the video of their song “Baby I’m yours”. It consists of a beautiful rotoscope composition featuring Irina Dakeva’s marvelous watercolour illustrations and top-notch animation. You must first watch the video, fall in love with the song here:

    And then, check out their latest video/song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo3BUZx5ZWQ


    • Haha, I seriously want so much of these lists too, they are bad 😉 That Michael Kors bag might one day hopefully become my work bag. Maybe.
      I love the song! But that video is just pure genius! I love the effects.
      I`ll go listen to the other one now. Thank you as always for the recommendations!

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