Thoughts on Weightlifting for Women

“The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is advanced only by women who fear effort, and men who fear women”

What do you think about this quote? Have you been lifting heavy weights as a woman? If so, why, if not, why not? To be honest, I was always rather intimidated by all the men in my gym, occupying the heavy weights section. I am scared of using bad form or looking like a fool on my first few attempts. But every time I see a brave girl in the weights and heavy machines area of my gym I feel like I want to try the same.

Now what I`ve got to do is find myself a trainer who will walk me through the basic movements, watch my form, give me tips and encourage me to try lifting things that I`m not used to lifting. At home, my only weights exercises are with dumbbells of a few kilos (really more like two or three). Sometimes I see pump group classes with a lot of women – more so than men. I think it sometimes takes a group to feel strong and try something new.

The fact is that lifting heavy weights does not automatically make you bulky. It takes a lot more for that. Lifting makes you strong, defines your muscles and can make you a better athlete all around. The positive side, and which you can read more about here is that weight lifting can be fun, it is not hard to learn, it is a fast type of workout so it`s perfect for a lunch-break session or a quick round at the gym before or after work and according to Nia, it increases self-confidence.

This is the workout that Tribesports has created for all of you girls who want to try out some weights. For the others, maybe a few sessions in pump will be a great start or the next time you are at the gym why not ask your instructor to assist you and give you tips for the weights section? Please keep me updated if you go and try it out!

Click on the graphic above to get to the detailed workout.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Weightlifting for Women

  1. I believe weight lifting is amazing for getting fit, I just don’t enjoy it as much as other activities! I am even fortunate enough to have a very nice trainer at my gym who sets routines out for me but I postpone going back because I don’t find it as exciting as zumba, yoga or pole dancing. I keep making excuses to go back but I know all the benefits and have seen them. To reduce sizes, weight lifting has been the most effective activity I’ve done. I just need to find motivation because I really don’t enjoy doing it!

    • Wow! You are brave! I`m impressed.. maybe you would enjoy it more after a little while of doing it? I`m not sure but I think many sports you can hate first and then enjoy more and more.

  2. I actually quite enjoy lifting! I used to be intimidated by the weight section of the gym too! It’s much easier now that I only workout t home though! A lot can already be done with body weight too! I personally love squats…
    If I could (financially and time wise) I would go back to cross-fit in a heartbeat. I loved the combo of cardio and strength training…

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