Body Focus: Abs & Legs

Maybe you have already spotted that little button on the right side of the blog? I signed up for Tribesports, a little earlier this fall. It`s a community of people who enjoy working out and setting smaller and bigger challenges. As I`m always up for one, I thought the concept was a really fun idea. They also provide the world with circuit workouts, theme challenges and motivation. Today, I have the “Tribesports Abs and Legs mini Circuit” for you. It`s what I will do this afternoon after a short run. If you want to join me, please let me know how you like the exercises. I think they are all easy and I love that in a short time you can be rather efficient in getting a little strength session in. You can also take the challenge officially over on Tribesports along with many other challenges that are sports and fitness related. Have fun with it!


2 thoughts on “Body Focus: Abs & Legs

  1. Great circuit, I will give that a go for sure! I’ll have to either exclude or modify the Mountain Climbers though, I injured my left hip flexor in a circuits class and it still aches on MCs and those kind of abs exercises when the legs are extended away from the body.
    I am SO bored of injuries!

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