Winter Base Training Week 1

For anyone who was wondering what kind of training I decided to do after I made my decision to base train from now on… I am using the Hal Higdon Winter Training Plan. I don`t know if I will be able to get every workout in as the days get colder and we will hopefully have some snow around the holidays but for now I think it is a good plan. Basically it consists of 5 runningdays, 1 rest day, 2 scheduled strength workouts and 1 cross training day.

Training Volume for Hal Higdon`s Winter Training Plan (via Training Peaks).

Hal Higdon Winter Training Plan (via Hal Higdon)


Mondays: Easy & Short Run, Strength training

Hal says that this is the perfect day to go to the gym, run for 15 or 20 minutes on the treadmill and then do some strength training.

This week, I ran my 15 minutes easy. I did not get in my strength training but foam rolled a lot. It was my first real run in two weeks and the start of a period in which I really want to incorporate specific strength moves regularly.

Tuesdays: Easy & Long Run

This week the mid-week long run was 45 minutes. Again I ran on the street and I didn`t feel calf pain at all! I was so happy! I proceeded to foam roll after. On tuesdays I might want to run on some rolling hills sometimes (I live in a hillier area anyways) but it really depends on my schedule from college.

Wednesdays: Easy Run, Stretching & Strengthening

Wednesdays are always 30 minute runs for this plan with additional stretching and strength training. All I focused for in terms of strength were my shins/calves this week but from next week on I want to start the actual strength and cross training.

Thursdays: Tempo Run

On Thursdays, tempo runs, one of my least favorite workouts are scheduled. I did mine on Friday but for the sake of introducing you to this plan I will sum it up here. I know I should not run too fast for the tempo run but I really felt like pushing myself (hence the extremely slow pace afterwards). That`s why there is a sub-9 minute mile in there (I was so thrilled!!).

Fridays: Rest 

Yes, so the rest day happened on Thursday.

Saturdays: Easy & Long Run

In this plan, Saturdays are the days for the actual long runs ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours in time. The whole plan is based on time rather than miles actually. Again I didn`t do this workout on Saturday but on Sunday instead. This run was okay, my only option was to go downhill first and uphill second so my pace slowed rather significantly towards the end. I hated the last few minutes but I never felt bad. And besides it was a beautiful sunny day!

Sundays: Cross Training

And another thing I didn`t do yet: cross training. So, I had more rest than prescribed but in the end I had a fabulous week sans pain and problems and am more than happy about this. For next week I will start cross training as well as strength training and other than that shuffle my plan around if I need to due to the weather or my classes. But as most workouts are easy this is not really a problem. Finally, I will listen to my body and be smart about this training season/base building.

Some details for those of you who are just as obsessed with numbers as I am:  (the blue-highlighted line shows the weekly total/average; the first run is on the bottom, the last one on the top.)



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