Three Things that Helped My Shin Pain

Lately I really made a point out of not getting injured. But then I felt some pain down the inner side of my shins. After looking at my mileage history from this year, I saw that I didn`t really change too much in my schedule. So that`s when I got thinking and trying to find solutions. Namely: from now on I`ll be base building and strengthening. But there are three things that I incorporated into my routine that really helped me. They are the following: (disclaimer: this is what so far has worked for me and is my own opinion)

  1. foam rolling. I got a foam roller for my birthday and have since rolled out my leg muscles and whatever else may be hurting religiously. I really made sure to roll out all parts of my body as I figured that the calf “pain” (more like uncomfortable feeling) might be due to muscle tightness in another area. I also “rolled” out my foot using a champagne cork. I figured that out by chance and since have been using it. Works perfect as it has the big round part as well as a bit of a massaging effect with the different thicknesses.
  2. strengthening. To be more precise I was looking for moves that would have an effect on the front part of my lower leg/shin area as well as the upper part of my foot. What I found to work was the following:
    Lean against a wall and place your feet (you can also stand on one foot) around 20 centimetres in front of your hips. Now lift and lower your toes and foot. Do not lower it all the way to the floor! Repeat 10-15 times, 2-3 times per week (I`m bad about counting, I do this until I feel it in the muscles. I know. Not good. Don`t learn that from me.).
    Then, take a rest or continue right on. Place your foot on the floor. Lift it in a way that the inner part is lifted off the floor (think raising your big toe) and the outer part is still on the floor. Lower until big toe is about an inch off the floor and repeat. Again, do not put the foot down completely, that`d be too much of a rest. Repeat 10-15 times, 2-3 times per week.
  3. form. Of course I listen to my body but when I run and get tired that doesn`t mean that I have to stop right away. Instead I try to turn to an uphill or downhill or just some different terrain and remind myself to focus on my form. I used to be a pretty bad pronator and have gotten better about this. Whenever I slack I tell myself: head up, shoulders down, arms down, lift your knees, focus.

Those are my tips. Do you have anything to add?


6 thoughts on “Three Things that Helped My Shin Pain

    • They are really worth the “investment” I think because even when you think you feel really great there are often muscle groups that could use a bit of relieve. Totally worth the bucks, in my opinion. I chose between this, “foam” rolling on a water bottle or spending tons on massages (or injuries.). 😉 Thank you!

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  2. Thanks for the tip! I have had issues with shin pain in the past and it’s not fun 😦
    For me overall strength training and getting stronger hips and legs helped. Also, when I get shin splits, I’ll incorporate more walking breaks in my runs and that way I stop getting them 🙂

    • They really suck! You are right about overall strength. It`s definitely something I need to work on. I`m planning to attend Pilates next week for the first time probably. Thanks for the tips!

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