Ready for Cold Days

First of all thank you for all the tips on Thursday`s questions regarding running in the cold and base building. Friday I went to Budapest`s new Nike shop in the  WestEnd shopping center and picked up one thinner and one thicker long-sleeved running tops. For now, these should be fine, as the weather gets colder I will see whether I`d prefer more warmth all over or just a vest or arm-warmers.

I am not planning to wear those shorts but I found that you could see better how long the tops are than when I wear long tights.

The first one on the left is called the Nike Miler top and is made from a thin “dri-fit” fabric. I think it is great for around 10 degrees Celsius and for layering underneath a jacket or fleece once it gets colder. The color I chose is a pale red that has grey-ish undertones. This top does not have thumb holes, it is rather fitted but loose at the same time. I am wearing a size S.

On the right, I am wearing a slightly thicker sweater with a zipper. It zips up nicely and keeps the neck warm, it has small reflective parts and I believe the color is pretty well visible as it gets darker as well (I do need safety gear though!). This top has thumb holes and it fits a little tighter. I believe it is called the Nike Element Half-Zip top. I am wearing a size XS. This is probably worn best between 0 and 10 degrees when it is not too windy.

On another note my run yesterday went very well! I could feel my glutes after climbing some smaller elevations in the forest but overall I was very happy. Now I am working on a base-building plan that I want to use from Monday on. Any suggestions are welcome!



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