Is it the Weather? – Winter Base Building

Two weeks ago, I found it wise to take a day off from running because my shin is always complaining after running on the roads. Two weeks ago was also my last run. That`s right. I don`t feel injured though. Every day that I wanted to pick running back up, I felt the shin pain again. The day after, when I had decided to rest for another 24 hours there was nothing. I have since stretched, strengthened, rolled, iced and cross trained. What I still don`t know is what is wrong. Maybe it`s just a mood of my right leg or the weather? Some people always feel the weather changing and maybe my leg decided to do it as well?

Because of these two weeks and the amount of things I currently have to do Uni-related I think I will skip any race-related training and start building back a safe base over the winter. I know Fall just started but already the days are so much shorter and I do not feel safe running on my own in the dark after I return back home every day.

I am looking for a good base building plan that leaves me with some freedom regarding the days when I choose to work out (also because the weather will most likely not get better but only worse). I am also considering a new pair of shoes and I have been taking notes on any parks or forests that I usually drive by but usually don`t notice.

Well, the good news is: tomorrow I am going for a run and then we will know more! Until then, do you have any important tips for winter running that I need to know? It`s my first time!


11 thoughts on “Is it the Weather? – Winter Base Building

  1. I am not an experienced runner, but I do think maintaining your base in the winter is a great idea! Rather than training for a race, especially if your body and timetable aren’t right at the moment.
    One tip I have for you though is to layer! And don’t put on too much or you’ll end up to warm… I usually find a pair of long thermal bottom and a thermal t-shirt under carpis/ short and a fleece do it. Also, good socks, a non-itchy hat or a headband to cover your hears and a light pair of sweat friendly gloves…
    And you might have to slow you pace when it’s raining or snowing. Watch out for icy patches…
    If I were you I would head to runner’s world or Canadian runners website. They always have a ton of tips 🙂

    • Thank you for the fabulous tip, I just stalked Runner`s World (as a first step) and bookmarked around a dozen of pages to read later! I definitely need to stuck up on socks, I have decent tights that should work for now but I also have to looking for a layer for on top. Thank you very much!

  2. I trained for my first marathon through last winter so I have a few tips –

    1) definitely layer so that you can take off the top layer if you need to. It’s surprising how hot you still get when you run but you’ll cool down really quickly once you’ve stopped so if you take off a jacket mid run then you’ll want to put it on again as soon as you’ve finished.
    2) Get up earlier and run in the morning if you can. Not only does this set you up for the day but running as the sun is coming up is the best feeling ever. I found it a lot easier to motivate myself to run in the dark mornings than in the dark evenings after work.
    3) Try and incorporate your run into your day if you can – if I couldn’t get out in the morning I ran home from work a few times rather than going out once I was home
    4) Make sure you’ve got reflective bits on your running gear if you’re running in the City!

    Enjoy your winter training, I actually preferred it to running in the heat of summer.

    • Awesome! Thank you so very much! Reflective gear is definitely something I will need especially as there are no sidewalks (and in general of course). I agree about the mornings, I think on some days I can make that an option. And on one day I have a longer lunch brake and I have been experimenting with running during that time.
      I also think I will prefer the colder days as the heat while running is just not for me.
      I`m stalking some running shops tomorrow to pick up some nice layering clothes. Thanks for the big help!!

  3. I find tommie copper calf sleeves help mine….I also do toe walk exercises before and after my runs as my shins bug me too 😦 I hope your run tomorrow is awesome!

    • Thanks for the tip Ali! I will try both of those tips. At the 10K I ran two weeks ago I really warmed up thoroughly and did not have a problem. I need (!) to make this a priority. Tomorrow: definitely toe-walking.

    • That is fabulous I am starting it right away! Thank you for the link! I hope this last injury was really the last one for you too and that you can safely build back without problems!

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