I`m in the Mood for…

Gravelines, France

  • a long run in the forest
  • smoothies, every day – all day
  • getting my routines back on track
  • shutting off, just for an hour or two
  • jumping into a pile of crisp fall leaves
  • a mani-pedi at home and a long hot bath
  • my two presentations this week to be over
  • eating home-grown apples, pears and walnuts
  • burning a nice scent while getting ready for bed
  • indulging in pancakes and a hot cafe latte with my friend
  • going spinning, or swimming or perhaps to a Yoga class?
  • getting really, really sweaty – with sweat in my eye-balls even
  • the holidays – even though it will be my last year living at home
  • an evening with a book, a cup of hot chocolate and no regrets for staying up long
  • making this point shorter.

What are you in the mood for?


6 thoughts on “I`m in the Mood for…

    • A painful massage is great! It’s funny how I used to think: “why would you want something painful?” And now it’s something I spend my money on, when I can.

    • “Where” I don’t know yet but my mother has to move again (as the embassy only allows you to stay in one country for limited time). At the same time my Uni requires an internship in year 3.
      Therefore: most likely a German/English language country.
      I took that picture in France this summer. We could walk “into” the ocean for maybe 500 meters, it was great!

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