October Goals

Last month I started posting my monthly goals. 30 days later it`s time to follow up on the old goals and set new ones.

September Goals:

Workout Related

  • Workout wisely and stay healthy – no injuries this month Done. I did take some days off as a measure of safety but no, I was not injured.
  • Race – at least two races are on my to do list and another one is in the back of my head I raced yesterday – my first 10K. The other races were canceled and never took place.
  • Do it together – work out with friends when possible My friends and I discovered just how well we can work out together. Now I need friends who push me. I do treasure my solo runs though!
  • More sets – increase my strength training to three sets of the core. Nope. I did 2.5 sets and was going for 3 but it didn`t happen.


  • Work hard daily – College starts again in two weeks and I am more than ready to study every day I started successfully, my first presentation is Thursday and it`s all ready and prepared already.
  • Cut down unnecessary time on social networks – Facebook? Really? I get notifications, I don`t need to check back constantly! Another check, you see, it was a good month!
  • Host friends – my Birthday is coming up and some old friends are in town, perfect to catch up I met friends at home twice, we had a lot of fun!
  • Sleep – I need my eight hours and if I can not get them in the morning, I just need to go to bed earlier, not that hard It really makes a difference and I am so much more relaxed!

October Goals:

Workout Related

  • I want to do those three sets of the Core. I was so close!
  • Swim. I still have credit on my membership card, it`s time to use it!
  • Run with even more friends.
  • Stretch, roll, stretch, roll, … need I say more?


  • Relax. Sans watch. I have my phone by my bed, I am always calculating time – whether it`s spent or left, I need to chill!
  • Read. I have not finished a single book lately and there are so many I want to read.
  • Drink Water. I lacked, on some days I didn`t even drink 2 litres. This month I`ll have 1.5 litres a day, at least (I know!)

That`s it. All I can think of for this month.

Did you make any goals this month? Could you cross anything of your list from September?


4 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Read more is a goal of mine, tooo! I drink a lot of water already and I love it but be prepared to not leaving the bathroom for a long while haha. Another goal of mine would be to get your guest post ready!!!! I’ve been postponing it!
    Seems like you don’t have problems with achieving your goals, so keep it up!!!

    • Don’t worry about the post, do it whenever you want!
      It either means my goals are too easy or they are actually good and achievable, I guess. I hope you are successful with yours as well!

  2. Those sound like good goals! I made four goals in September: average under 8:00/mile on a run of at least 3 miles, wash dishes every night before bed, be more extroverted, and do a really good pushup where I get all the way down to the ground. I succeeded on the first and third goals, but not the other two. I’ve been thinking about making goals for October, but I still haven’t made any.

    Good luck on your goals!!

    • Wow, you set great goals because they are challenging but achievable! Gives me inspiration for next month!
      I hope you can succeed with the other two as well! Please do share, if you make further ones!

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