NATO 10K – Race Recap

Time: 1:00.12, official time 1:00.40 (without sensor registration mat at the start)

Distance: 10km

Conditions: Sunny, Cloudy, Warm (24 degrees), Flat race course

Women: 199/299


I wanted to race in September and so I did!

Well, let me start at the beginning or rather the end: My Garmin measured the course at 6.18 miles – I am assuming that it might have been short.

The Course:

So, it was (supposed to be) a 10km race, with a tiny downhill part but other than that very, very flat. We started behind the Budapest castle, rounded it partly, crossed the river via the Chain Bridge, ran along the big boulevard, to the heroes square, through the city park and then to the finish at the border of the city park.

The Race:

I really, really, really wanted to go sub-1-hour, if I had done my math on the course, it would have been possible. But it was a first – my first 10K so I am beyond happy. I ran together with a friend and thought we wouldn`t stick together but we did and it made everything that much better. We didn`t talk but having someone to push you when you slow down on a boring stretch really helps. I prefer some turns in my races, I don`t want to see where I am going for the next two or three miles.

My friend Szilvia and I.

Anyways, there were two water stations, the first one was out of water and they were quickly trying to fill up new cups but we were there to run and not to wait so we both just grabbed half of a cereal bar and ran on. I felt absolutely positive until about the last third of the long, straight part (towards the right hand side on the map above).

It was a smaller race which I liked, and it seemed pretty well organized too. Big plus point!

The park is, where the course looks a little like an 8-shape. I stopped here once, but only to take a deep breath and then I continued. My pace was anywhere between the lower 9-minutes and lower 10-minutes, with an average around 9.41. I never thought I could keep a sub-10 pace for an hour!

Coming closer to the end, I was ready for it to be over, I saw a big air filled arch and sprinted. Then I stopped, paused the Garmin and… noticed it wasn`t even over. There was the race photographer and… a turn. The race continued for about another 150 meters. People started screaming because more and more runner stopped early. “Only 100 more meters,” they said. I wish I had known this before, I really didn`t want to speed up once again. Then, of course I stopped the Garmin a little late, the next time around. But I reached the finish!

My last thought before crossing the line: I never want to run again. My first after crossing it: I love this so much, let me sit down and think about the next race!

I`m still waiting for the official times, but there was no sensor registration at the beginning so I`m assuming it might be off as well, as we didn`t start at 11am sharp. I`m also waiting for official photos, hoping there are some decent ones.

Horrible picture but I`m in the back and my friend right next to me. I think our form was pretty good!

Again, there was no race-bling but a guy running with a shopping cart and a woman who fell straight on her face. She got up and continued, though.


16 thoughts on “NATO 10K – Race Recap

    • I wish! Actually I am living here in Hungary. I was just really lucky and had a lot of time for traveling this summer.
      Thank you for the re-blog, by the way!

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