Weekend Moments

First of all, thanks for your birthday wishes. I turned 19, as you probably guessed, on Saturday and had a very happy day with my close family and friends. There was a lot of laughter, good food and ice-cream cake involved, just to give you some facts. Or help you imagine how full I was at the end of the evening. Because I have been getting ready for my classes which officially start tomorrow I have not been getting much done in the blogging field. Instead, I thought I`d provide you with some snapshots of what has happened and what is about to come.


I am now a proud owner of a Garmin GPS watch and I am beyond thrilled. Please meet Garp, that`s what I named him, he will be around a lot in the future! Find the birthday balloons in the background! I used to be obsessed with balloons.


a jacket for the colder days slowly approaching, which..

..could have easily been inspired by Essie`s nailpolishes in Tart Deco and Flirt. What a coincidence!

Such a sweet idea by the girl I babysit and her mother and it came as a total surprise.

Snacks for the guests before going out for dinner later.And part of a France-themed gift package. Pure deliciousness!

And finally my ice-cream birthday cake and the smaller one provided by the restaurant complete with sparklers. Picture by my sweet friend Szilvia.

I am really grateful for my friends and family and for having had them all come and celebrate with me last weekend.

I hope you all have a great week filled with lots of happiness!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Moments

  1. I love your nail polish !!!! The chocolate flower pot is gorgeous, that girl is too sweet! I didn’t know you babysitted! I loved every single picture in this post. It seems like you had a fun birthday weekend :D.

    • I did, really, it was very nice. And yes, I babysit occasionally the girl is 11 though so it’s more like she does her stuff and I’m around and cook or something like that.

  2. Happy happy birthday again!
    I’m so glad that I am not the only one who has named their Garmin (mine is called Gajendra).
    The nail varnish is gorgeous and goes so well with your jacket too πŸ™‚

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