Travel Impressions: Recycled Fashion in Barcelona

When I stayed in Barcelona earlier this summer, I visited the festival of the Grácia district. It`s a competition of several streets in the district to decorate their streets or squares creatively. The products used are all recycled things that anyone could have flying around at home. There were walls build out of milk cartons, bees that were water bottles before and were painted yellow and black and much more. It was a nice festival at first, but in the evening more and more people came and everyone stopped to take pictures in the street. It seemed rather dangerous and I was scared when we were in a tunnel of big sculptures and fog and couldn`t move. It was really hard to breathe too. Nevertheless, I took some pictures and here are a few of a street that had a fashion show theme. People are so creative!


a paper two-piece.

A dress made from tabs used for automatic coffee machines.


Candy wrappers and a candy neckline. Whoever made this one must have had a very sweet tooth.


Details of the candy dress.


And finally a wedding dress made out of toilet paper.



2 thoughts on “Travel Impressions: Recycled Fashion in Barcelona

  1. This is way tooo coool! I loved the one made from coffee tabs!!!! Lovely!!!! Thanks for sharing this, Anna! My best friend lent me a book made entirely of plastic. The content is about how books should be made in the future out of recycled plastic. I don’t remember the name of it but I think it’ll be pretty interesting (he lent it to me yesterday). I’ll keep you posted on it.

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