What`s In My Gym Bag?

For the Instagram #WTFSept challenge by Lululemon I had to post an “In my Gym Bag” picture. I thought I`d just show you a detailed look inside.

If I go to the gym I sometimes go spinning or running on the treadmill. Sometimes I will also do some strength training. Other days I go swimming but often don`t bring my running gear and most days I take a bag of “options” as pictured below to college so that I can change and go from there. If I run before classes I will bring a change of clothes in my bag instead.

Clockwise from top left to bottom right:

  • flip flops for taking a shower,
  • sports bra and top by Nike,
  • shorts by Adidas,
  • a pair of sweat wicking socks,
  • baby wipes to take of any makeup or if I decide to shower at home,
  • my gym bag by Women`s Secret,
  • microfiber towel because this packs really tiny and does the job,
  • water bottle, this is for when I forget my refillable one (not pictured),
  • my Asics running shoes,
  • cosmetics bag (see below),
  • bathing suit by Nike,
  • goggles by Speedo
  • and a bathing cap.

Clockwise from top left to bottom right:

  • a freeby cosmetics bag by Estée Lauder,
  • Compeed blister plasters,
  • a Muji box filled with bobby pins,
  • a hair tie,
  • my favorite Nivea Pure and Natural hand cream,
  • the Body Shop eye make-up remover which I don`t recommend,
  • my favorite deodorant also from the Nivea Pure and Natural line,
  • a clear pouch by Muji filled with cotton pads, q-tips and aspirin,
  • a comb by the Body Shop,
  • “China oil” a mint oil which I use for sore muscles as well as headaches, nausea, …,
  • shower gel, hair shampoo and body lotion in travel bottles by the Body Shop.

Not in my gym bag but in my cross-body-bag which I always carry and use as my wallet I always have some cash, my membership cards for the gym or the pool and my iPod and iPhone with a pair of headphones.


4 thoughts on “What`s In My Gym Bag?

    • Thanks! It used to be a mess but then things happened like I would go to spinning without a hairband and socks so I figured that I could use a system. Now I always have my stuff and don’t need as long to pack everything when I want to run out of the door.

    • I was thinking the same thing! I always start the week with good intentions and a neatly packed bag but by Friday its just a pile of STUFF.
      Great post Anna 🙂

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