My Week and a Free Running Book


When you read about all of my runs this week you will notice a pattern. 3 miles easy – 32 minutes. It was planned and it happened twice on Monday and Saturday. I even ran the same exact route – 6 blocks down the road, 6 blocks up, repeat. 6 blocks equal 0.75 miles.

I followed the workout by one set of “The Core” as I call it, the workout I usually do, created by Lauren aka Health on the Run. It is seriously going to make you sweat, give it a try. I used two kg weights again.


7 Hill intervals! I live in a hilly area hence the 6 blocks down and up on Monday but there are a few particularly steep hills, one of which I chose for this workout. The hills is about 250-260 meters long (I had to change the side of the road sometimes when cars came) which is approximately 0.16 miles and I had to climb around 110 meters each time. Before the run I had a warm up and afterwards a longer cool down, down the other side of the hill. Here are my splits:

  1. 1.56 uphill, 2.09 downhill
  2. 2.05 uphill, 2.10 downhill
  3. 2.10 uphill, 2.13 downhill
  4. 2.26 uphill, 2.10 downhill – yay for positive splitting! Don`t worry, I was looking forward to the end by this point:
  5. 2.12 uphill, 2.12 downhill
  6. 2.06 uphill, 1.56 downhill
  7. 1.56 uphill – cooldown.

See what I said? That last one was just as fast as the first interval and it was just a tiny bit brutal. I also felt like my legs were filled with lead after this for the first time in forever.

By the way, did you notice how hard it is to capture the brutality of a hill in a picture? Try it.

Wednesday & Thursday

The weather turned around 180 degrees, it was cold, it was wet I took the day off. Same goes for Thursday, but I had two rest days so it`s fine.


Instead of running I prepared a good lunch: Fried tofu marinated in soy sauce with gratinated broccoli and mashed potatoes with parsley.


30 minute tempo run. I have gotten accustomed to using my Nano for whenever I want to run a certain time because I don`t have to check the time on my phone constantly. I just plug in headphones and can even turn on music if I want to. The plan was to go around a “flat” (there really is no flat land here) area but that plan had to be changed when I was stopped by a moving truck. I chose to go the road parallel to the one I wanted to run down but suddenly there was another hill, right when I was ready to speed it up. I went a little faster but used effort rather than time. My quads were angry. Total distance? Approximately 3 miles.

I also almost had an accident with a little girl chasing her little brother out of the driveway.


I said it before, this run was identical to Monday. 6 blocks up, six blocks down, repeat, “The Core”, shower.


I have been loving smoothies lately. This one is a banana, avocado, raspberry, blackberry, coconut one. I don`t like avocado but you barely taste it in the smoothie so I still get the good effects.


It was time to test my speed – I ran a 5k. But since here in Hungary we don`t have races every other week I just ran at home. I could not totally avoid hills but my overall time was 28.30. I might not be speedy but I`m pretty proud anyways. I remember my time being more like 35 minutes only a few months ago.

This Week:

5 runs for 16 miles: 1 hilly, 1 tempo, 1 race, 2 easy

2 strength workouts

0 injuries

2 rest days


You can download the book Running the Edge by olympian Adam Goucher (Kara Goucher`s housband) and Tim Catalano for free today and tomorrow via Amazon. Head over to their blog here to get the link and thank them for the offer! You can read it via the Kindle application or on your Kindle if you have one.


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