Change of Perspective


Budapest is a beautiful city with many beautiful buildings, details, an amazing view from the hills… but there are also parts of the city that are not quite as nice when you first see them. I captured some impressions on one of my walks through town to share with you.



6 thoughts on “Change of Perspective

  1. Great pictures! I have always wanted to visit Budapest and nearly went for a week-end on a whim a few times.. Hopefully one day I can go back to Europe for a holiday rather than a family visit and enjoy your city 🙂

    • I’d love to be your guide! It’s really a very nice city, I know you would like it! It’s not like Metz but with the river and the bridges and the panorama .. A place to see!

  2. Anna, you have an innate talent to take pictures! I think you take AWEESOME ones!!! I wanna go to Europe so badly! I have never been there! You live in Hungary full-time? I don’t quite get where you’re from haha, you keep traveling the world!

    • Thank you so, so, so, so much! You are the best!
      I live here full-time and study in English at a College in Budapest, I`m actually German thought, I explained a little (lot) more in that ridiculously long E-Mail which I just sent you!

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