Playlist Thursday: EPIC Songs To Run To

This week I am back with a playlist thursday post. The topic today is:

“Let’s break out the big songs. The epic ones that will live on forever (good or bad). The anthems, the songs that go down in history as “the song of your generation.””

The Rules

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Something Old

Artist: Queen
Title: Don`t Stop Me Now
Side Note: This song was my choice for the traditional graduation party we celebrate at schools in Hungary. Everyone walked up in front of everyone to receive a ribbon while their song of choice and picture of their childhood were shown in the background. I chose the first part of this song.
Quotable: “I’m gonna go go go // There’s no stopping me”

Something Current

Artist: Michel Teló
Title: Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Side Note: Yes, I am serious but no, I don`t want to hear this song another time. It only comes up when I listen to the radio because I don`t have it on my iTunes. I have had times though when the song played twice during a run. 

Something to Consider

Artist: Sunrise Avenue
Title: Hollywood Hills
Side Note: I never listened to this song until recently when a friend of mine posted a quote from the song and I looked it up.
Quotable: “Long distance love doesn`t work // All the miles in between getting lonely”



4 thoughts on “Playlist Thursday: EPIC Songs To Run To

  1. I hadn’t heard “Hollywood Hills” either and I liked it a lot! Thanks for this!. “Don’t stop me now” is one of my all time favorite songs!!! But right now I’m seriously obsessed with older oldies haha, from 40’s through 60’s. Del Shannon.-“Runaway” is one you must listen to when running, or “Runaround Sue” by Dion and the Belmonts !!
    “Au se eu te pego” was a song I hated the first time I heard it but then loved after hearing it in every freaking nightclub, radio station or friend’s house, haha. I think it is cool but, as every catchy song, they ended overplaying it.

    • I LOVE Runaway! It brings a smile to my face and makes me happy! “Back in the days” music was so different, a lot simpler but just great! You don`t get tired of it quite as easily I think.
      And now I am listening to Runaround Sue and that one is great too! You should do a guest post about your favorite oldies but goodies! What do you think?

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