To All Frizzy Haired Runners

To all the frizzy haired runners, curly, kinky, wave-y or straight that suffer from frizzy hair, I need your help! How do you wear your hair during runs?

My Asics hat – great during the run, not so much once you take it off.

I tried it all: pony tails, braids, buns, hairbands, hats. My go-to style is the pony tail. I`m not a big fan of the helmet hairstyle I get from wearing a hat but in the extreme heat and sun or during winter it is often a must. I was blessed with curls. The good aspect is that the ponytail itself often still looks great post-workout because the curls are defined. Towards my hair line it gets crazy frizzy though. I have a lot of “baby-hair” that looks like a bunch of antennas around my heat when I start to sweat. I`ve tried pinning it all down with bobby pins but it`s just a pain and I don`t really like the look of that either because the individual strands are pretty short sometimes. Another option was hairspray. My best bet, so far.


I tried hair bands but many are too loose or too tight or just don`t hold. An option that I definitely want to try are the Sparkly Soul glitter headbands. They come in a bunch of awesome colors (green, silver, orange, whatever you want!) and in two widths (thin and wide) and besides looking cute they are supposed to stay in place without causing you any pain or breaking your hair. The brand has been designed by  a marathoner and triathlete so I am hoping they do everything they promise. So, these are on the top of my wishlist.

I know that the cooler months are just around the corner so I`d also love to know what your recommendations in terms of headwear for those days are? Do you wear running hats? Wool beanies? Fleece headbands? Please share your secrets and tips!


8 thoughts on “To All Frizzy Haired Runners

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sparkly Soul – only headband that has worked for me. They REALLY are nonslip and no headache and the glitter/elastic goes all the way around! They are only headband I use now. Yay for them!

  2. My hair is super straight, but in the rain or snow it gets insanely knotted and crazy.
    I just found that a headband (like you have) works with a ponytail and then braid with another elastic at the bottom.
    Hair is so frustrating sometimes!

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