Ugly Almost Naked Runner Guy

Do you remember the “ugly naked guy” character from Friends?

Well, naked people aren`t only living in flats in New York City but also running the trails in Budapest. Last year we had a half marathon participants carrying an inflatable air mattress and another one pushing a shopping cart, but those people can be seen in any race, just for the show. But there are also runners in training sporting very personal creations of workout gear:

Once I saw a girl running in flip-flops on the trails, another time there was a group of people running in 25 degrees Celsius and sunshine being dressed as if they came straight from an excursion to Antarctica, of course there is the occasional runner wearing jeans or some who run in a suit and lately I have seen a guy running in his underwear only (and shoes).

At first I thought he wore a tiny pair of shorts but trust me with the white seams and the fabric being cotton I am sure those were just his underpants. Yesterday he wore an even shorter pair of briefs with a drawstring. He also looked like he came straight from the solarium with an orange tan. Oh, how I wish I had  a picture to share with you guys!

But there are more runners sporting unusual outfits:


  • Last week, Steven Mankofsky tried to beat the Marathon world record in suit running. Read the Runner`s World article here.
  • Over at Jogging Jeans you can find a blog that collects pictures of runners in all kinds of denim ensembles.

I want to know what styles you come across on your runs? Anything fun to share?


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