My Week in Workouts


Two repetitions of Lauren`s (Health on the Run) “The Core” Workout. I use 2kg dumbbells and was definitely sore the days after. The first set felt a lot easier than it usually does but the second set gets pretty hard especially towards the end. I was suffering during the “Here Comes the Bride” moves and the renegade rows.


The day of the accident.


I went to the track for 7 x 400m repetitions at an average pace of 1.46. This was my first real speed workout on an actual track. Before I only ran on a road that I knew a pretty exact distance of and the treadmill, back in Barcelona.


I also faintly remember carbs being part of this week.


Three easy miles in around 30 minutes. I did this workout around the streets were I live. My downhill (we live on the top) was great, the uphill was a little hard but I was glad and happy when I had finished. Nothing spectacular, I spent most of the run listening to Michael Jackson`s This is It album.


45 minute tempo run. Another home-area workout this time a little longer, some more downhill and some more uphill too. The actual tempo part happened around 20 minutes into the run at a slight hill. The final stretch just felt like it was never-ending.


Stretching and rest, I am trying to land on my forefoot more and have been getting sore calves.


What`s a rest day without ice cream? To be honest, it didn`t taste quite as good as it looked.


90 minute long run. 7.74 miles including hills, trails, roads and scenery. It was beautiful! I also noticed that between the 45 and the 60 minute mark running is the hardest for me, mentally. It`s the point I want to stop.

This week: 

18 miles. One strength workout with two repetitions and 2kg weights. No injuries.

I wish you all a great start into the next week!


2 thoughts on “My Week in Workouts

  1. Ohhh those pretzels and that icecream look DELICIOUS! Great job on your workouts – 18 miles is fantastic ( I only managed three this week 😦 ) sorry to hear about the accident though!

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