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Yesterday was Playlist Thursday but I could not think of any good songs for the topic “Is that your Innuendo?” Instead I decided to use the #WTFSept theme “now playing” and share a few of my favorite tracks for running.

By the way, I listen to slow music as well as faster tracks. If the song is slower, I just take more steps per beat.

I am also thinking about downloading an audiobook to listen to on my run. Anyone tried this? What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Now Playing

  1. I have all of those songs on my ipod as well, except for the one from One direction. You like pop a lot, right? I do, too but my ex boyfriend was a big reggae, 60’s rock fan and influenced me a little bit. As he put it, he taught me about good music and thought pop was trash… no wonder we’re not together anymore hahaha.

    • Haha, yes I like Pop mostly but I love some 80s too, happy music mostly to lift the mood. But I am open to a lot, I loved the songs you shared with me for example, those were great! I’m coming back to you as soon as I run out of music!

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