My First Track


An almost new track in great condition.

Today I ran my first ever speed session on the track which was actually planned for yesterday. The track I go to is free and it has a great view. I can see the island where I often run and the hill where I go trail-running multiple times a week.


View over the rooftops. Behind the houses lies the island.

Today`s plan was to do 7 x 400m at 5K Pace. I timed the workout using the Nike for iPod app on my new iPod Nano and just started new 400 meter distances when I was ready for the next repetition. Afterwards I always calibrated. I still would not use this feature for when I don`t know the exact distance but on the track it does its job very well.


The hill in the background and a soccer field.

Instead of easy jogging in between repeats I often sat down, had some water and took the time I needed to recover. Usually, I think it is probably better to keep the heart rate a little more accelerated and take rather short breaks (a minute or two for 400m).

My split times were: 1.50 (to figure out how fast I needed to go), 1.45 (the fastest), 1.48, 1.46, 1.47, 1.46, 1.46. Before the workout I warmed up with some easy running and some strides and cooled down with some more easy running and stretching.

My picture for #wtfSept “Sweat”.




9 thoughts on “My First Track

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    • Thank you so much Marlene for your ever sweet comments! They make me so happy! You should talk to my parents though, as almost all parents they will tell you that: I need to do more of this and less of that, etc. etc.
      I`m really honored by your comments but I must say, even though I don`t always leave a comment, I absolutely love reading your blog (and your style, it`s actually similar to mine!)! Thanks again!

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