Restart Mondays


Why not start the post with a picture of my dog Kutja? He is terrified of thunderstorms so this time I tried to calm him down by tucking him into a blanket on the couch. He always jumps on the couch (where he is normally not allowed) thinking it must be safer since we sit on there as well.

Mondays for me are always a good chance to restart with whatever I failed to do in any other week. Just like many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year or set goals on the first day of a month I take advantage of a new week.

Last week, for example was an incredibly low mileage week. I ran 14 miles which has not happened in a long time. Therefore, I used the first day of the week to start it of active by going for a quick run and doing some strength training. Simple as that I can not blame myself for a bad start later on.

Today, I also brought my laptop to the service, had the battery of my watch exchanged and fixed some things in my bedroom. Those were all things I was pushing ahead of me for a while now but I realized that for many things there is never a perfect time so I will just do it and get it over with. I really do not have much to do currently, I am still at home for another two weeks. The only big lesson I learned from staying at home with no studying to do? You get lazier by the hour!

To my readers in the US: I wish you a happy labor day (weekend) and hope you had the chance to enjoy some quality time with friends or just sleep in.

What have you accomplished so far, this week?


#wtfSept: “Set the Barre”: At the train station.

#wtfSept: “Reflection”: while shopping in Milan


4 thoughts on “Restart Mondays

  1. What a LOVELY dog! Kutja is so cute! Why did you name him that? My dogs were named Puffy and Candy. Both names were picked by my little sister, who usually loves the dogs when they’re puppies but ignores them once they’re fully grown. Puffy is a Golden Retriever and Candy is a Labrador. I love your philosophy on setting goals every week. I was just thinking about how much I should make weekly experiments to see quicker, more measurable results! And, I definitely need to get myself moving because if I don’t, I tend to slack.

    • Thank you! Kutja is hungarian though it is actually spelled Kutya with a y but in German it`s easier to spell it this way. Anyways, it means dog. The background is that we used to have a cat back when my parents lived in Russia which they bought in Russia. Her name was cat in Russian. So when we got this Collie we chose to give him a name just like that. Now that we are living in Hungary again it`s a bit weird. My Hungarian is horrible and when people ask me about his name they think I don`t quite understand them when I tell them that yes, his name is actually Kutja.
      Your dogs names are really cute too! I wanted a golden retriever before we got the Collie. Dogs are great, I think!

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