September Goals

Something I learned was to make short-term goals to help you stay on track with the things you need to juggle around. The best way to actually do them is to write them down somewhere where you will see them often and to share them.

Workout Related

  • Workout wisely and stay healthy – no injuries this month
  • Race – at least two races are on my to do list and another one is in the back of my head
  • Do it together – work out with friends when possible
  • More sets – increase my strength training to three sets of the core


  • Work hard daily – College starts again in two weeks and I am more than ready to study every day
  • Cut down unnecessary time on social networks – Facebook? Really? I get notifications, I don`t need to check back constantly!
  • Host friends – my Birthday is coming up and some old friends are in town, perfect to catch up
  • Sleep – I need my eight hours and if I can not get them in the morning, I just need to go to bed earlier, not that hard

I think four goals each should be good for a start. If you want to leave your goals, feel free to share them! But make them measurable so that you can actually hold yourself accountable!


On another note, I am taking part in the #WTFSept (what the focus September) 30-Day Photo Challenge via my Instagram Account @With_Anna. You can still take part! Just snap a picture according to the day`s motto and use the hashtag #WTFSept.

Today`s theme: Centre – and here is my photo:


11 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I think articulating goals is at least 75% of meeting them! My man is another virgo – 9/15. He’s begun tickling me incessantly since it’s officially his birthday month and it’s the only time he can get away with it.

    • That`s right, when I just used to think “ok, this month I`ll do…” nothing happened but once I thought about how to set goals and wrote them down or shared them I can actually accomplish them.
      Happy birthday to him – on 9/15 of course. Hope he lets you get away with the same when it is your birthday month!

    • Thank you! I used to be just like that. People say it takes 30 days to build a habit. Now, I guess, it`s just part of the routine! The first few weeks are really the worst but once you feel improvements you start liking it more..
      Thanks again 🙂

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