NATO 10K – Race Recap

Time: 1:00.12, official time 1:00.40 (without sensor registration mat at the start)

Distance: 10km

Conditions: Sunny, Cloudy, Warm (24 degrees), Flat race course

Women: 199/299


I wanted to race in September and so I did!

Well, let me start at the beginning or rather the end: My Garmin measured the course at 6.18 miles – I am assuming that it might have been short.

The Course:

So, it was (supposed to be) a 10km race, with a tiny downhill part but other than that very, very flat. We started behind the Budapest castle, rounded it partly, crossed the river via the Chain Bridge, ran along the big boulevard, to the heroes square, through the city park and then to the finish at the border of the city park.

The Race:

I really, really, really wanted to go sub-1-hour, if I had done my math on the course, it would have been possible. But it was a first – my first 10K so I am beyond happy. I ran together with a friend and thought we wouldn`t stick together but we did and it made everything that much better. We didn`t talk but having someone to push you when you slow down on a boring stretch really helps. I prefer some turns in my races, I don`t want to see where I am going for the next two or three miles.

My friend Szilvia and I.

Anyways, there were two water stations, the first one was out of water and they were quickly trying to fill up new cups but we were there to run and not to wait so we both just grabbed half of a cereal bar and ran on. I felt absolutely positive until about the last third of the long, straight part (towards the right hand side on the map above).

It was a smaller race which I liked, and it seemed pretty well organized too. Big plus point!

The park is, where the course looks a little like an 8-shape. I stopped here once, but only to take a deep breath and then I continued. My pace was anywhere between the lower 9-minutes and lower 10-minutes, with an average around 9.41. I never thought I could keep a sub-10 pace for an hour!

Coming closer to the end, I was ready for it to be over, I saw a big air filled arch and sprinted. Then I stopped, paused the Garmin and… noticed it wasn`t even over. There was the race photographer and… a turn. The race continued for about another 150 meters. People started screaming because more and more runner stopped early. “Only 100 more meters,” they said. I wish I had known this before, I really didn`t want to speed up once again. Then, of course I stopped the Garmin a little late, the next time around. But I reached the finish!

My last thought before crossing the line: I never want to run again. My first after crossing it: I love this so much, let me sit down and think about the next race!

I`m still waiting for the official times, but there was no sensor registration at the beginning so I`m assuming it might be off as well, as we didn`t start at 11am sharp. I`m also waiting for official photos, hoping there are some decent ones.

Horrible picture but I`m in the back and my friend right next to me. I think our form was pretty good!

Again, there was no race-bling but a guy running with a shopping cart and a woman who fell straight on her face. She got up and continued, though.


Weekend Moments

First of all, thanks for your birthday wishes. I turned 19, as you probably guessed, on Saturday and had a very happy day with my close family and friends. There was a lot of laughter, good food and ice-cream cake involved, just to give you some facts. Or help you imagine how full I was at the end of the evening. Because I have been getting ready for my classes which officially start tomorrow I have not been getting much done in the blogging field. Instead, I thought I`d provide you with some snapshots of what has happened and what is about to come.


I am now a proud owner of a Garmin GPS watch and I am beyond thrilled. Please meet Garp, that`s what I named him, he will be around a lot in the future! Find the birthday balloons in the background! I used to be obsessed with balloons.


a jacket for the colder days slowly approaching, which..

..could have easily been inspired by Essie`s nailpolishes in Tart Deco and Flirt. What a coincidence!

Such a sweet idea by the girl I babysit and her mother and it came as a total surprise.

Snacks for the guests before going out for dinner later.And part of a France-themed gift package. Pure deliciousness!

And finally my ice-cream birthday cake and the smaller one provided by the restaurant complete with sparklers. Picture by my sweet friend Szilvia.

I am really grateful for my friends and family and for having had them all come and celebrate with me last weekend.

I hope you all have a great week filled with lots of happiness!

Playlist Thursday: Songs That Make You Wanna Dance

For Playlist Thursday the theme is “Songs That Make You Wanna Dance” this week. There are lots of songs that make me want to dance when I run. I feel like they are the ones that motivate me most when I`m in a rut.

Something Old

Artist: Corona
Title: Rhythm of the Night
Side Note: It`s a classic, isn`t it? Dance music was always good.
Quotable: “Take me to turn to, and babe I`ll make you stay”

Something Current

Artist: Flo Rida
Title: Good Feeling
Side Note: Ever since the K&H Half Marathon, where this song was the back drop to the warm-up session I have had and loved it on my playlist.
Quotable: “I got power”

Something to Consider

Artist: Village People
Title: Y.M.C.A.
Side Note: I remember it faintly, one day on a class trip at the Hard Rock Café. Of course Y.M.C.A. was played and people were dancing on the tables!
Quotable: “Young man, get yourself of the ground”



Travel Impressions: Recycled Fashion in Barcelona

When I stayed in Barcelona earlier this summer, I visited the festival of the Grácia district. It`s a competition of several streets in the district to decorate their streets or squares creatively. The products used are all recycled things that anyone could have flying around at home. There were walls build out of milk cartons, bees that were water bottles before and were painted yellow and black and much more. It was a nice festival at first, but in the evening more and more people came and everyone stopped to take pictures in the street. It seemed rather dangerous and I was scared when we were in a tunnel of big sculptures and fog and couldn`t move. It was really hard to breathe too. Nevertheless, I took some pictures and here are a few of a street that had a fashion show theme. People are so creative!


a paper two-piece.

A dress made from tabs used for automatic coffee machines.


Candy wrappers and a candy neckline. Whoever made this one must have had a very sweet tooth.


Details of the candy dress.


And finally a wedding dress made out of toilet paper.


What`s In My Gym Bag?

For the Instagram #WTFSept challenge by Lululemon I had to post an “In my Gym Bag” picture. I thought I`d just show you a detailed look inside.

If I go to the gym I sometimes go spinning or running on the treadmill. Sometimes I will also do some strength training. Other days I go swimming but often don`t bring my running gear and most days I take a bag of “options” as pictured below to college so that I can change and go from there. If I run before classes I will bring a change of clothes in my bag instead.

Clockwise from top left to bottom right:

  • flip flops for taking a shower,
  • sports bra and top by Nike,
  • shorts by Adidas,
  • a pair of sweat wicking socks,
  • baby wipes to take of any makeup or if I decide to shower at home,
  • my gym bag by Women`s Secret,
  • microfiber towel because this packs really tiny and does the job,
  • water bottle, this is for when I forget my refillable one (not pictured),
  • my Asics running shoes,
  • cosmetics bag (see below),
  • bathing suit by Nike,
  • goggles by Speedo
  • and a bathing cap.

Clockwise from top left to bottom right:

  • a freeby cosmetics bag by Estée Lauder,
  • Compeed blister plasters,
  • a Muji box filled with bobby pins,
  • a hair tie,
  • my favorite Nivea Pure and Natural hand cream,
  • the Body Shop eye make-up remover which I don`t recommend,
  • my favorite deodorant also from the Nivea Pure and Natural line,
  • a clear pouch by Muji filled with cotton pads, q-tips and aspirin,
  • a comb by the Body Shop,
  • “China oil” a mint oil which I use for sore muscles as well as headaches, nausea, …,
  • shower gel, hair shampoo and body lotion in travel bottles by the Body Shop.

Not in my gym bag but in my cross-body-bag which I always carry and use as my wallet I always have some cash, my membership cards for the gym or the pool and my iPod and iPhone with a pair of headphones.

My Week and a Free Running Book


When you read about all of my runs this week you will notice a pattern. 3 miles easy – 32 minutes. It was planned and it happened twice on Monday and Saturday. I even ran the same exact route – 6 blocks down the road, 6 blocks up, repeat. 6 blocks equal 0.75 miles.

I followed the workout by one set of “The Core” as I call it, the workout I usually do, created by Lauren aka Health on the Run. It is seriously going to make you sweat, give it a try. I used two kg weights again.


7 Hill intervals! I live in a hilly area hence the 6 blocks down and up on Monday but there are a few particularly steep hills, one of which I chose for this workout. The hills is about 250-260 meters long (I had to change the side of the road sometimes when cars came) which is approximately 0.16 miles and I had to climb around 110 meters each time. Before the run I had a warm up and afterwards a longer cool down, down the other side of the hill. Here are my splits:

  1. 1.56 uphill, 2.09 downhill
  2. 2.05 uphill, 2.10 downhill
  3. 2.10 uphill, 2.13 downhill
  4. 2.26 uphill, 2.10 downhill – yay for positive splitting! Don`t worry, I was looking forward to the end by this point:
  5. 2.12 uphill, 2.12 downhill
  6. 2.06 uphill, 1.56 downhill
  7. 1.56 uphill – cooldown.

See what I said? That last one was just as fast as the first interval and it was just a tiny bit brutal. I also felt like my legs were filled with lead after this for the first time in forever.

By the way, did you notice how hard it is to capture the brutality of a hill in a picture? Try it.

Wednesday & Thursday

The weather turned around 180 degrees, it was cold, it was wet I took the day off. Same goes for Thursday, but I had two rest days so it`s fine.


Instead of running I prepared a good lunch: Fried tofu marinated in soy sauce with gratinated broccoli and mashed potatoes with parsley.


30 minute tempo run. I have gotten accustomed to using my Nano for whenever I want to run a certain time because I don`t have to check the time on my phone constantly. I just plug in headphones and can even turn on music if I want to. The plan was to go around a “flat” (there really is no flat land here) area but that plan had to be changed when I was stopped by a moving truck. I chose to go the road parallel to the one I wanted to run down but suddenly there was another hill, right when I was ready to speed it up. I went a little faster but used effort rather than time. My quads were angry. Total distance? Approximately 3 miles.

I also almost had an accident with a little girl chasing her little brother out of the driveway.


I said it before, this run was identical to Monday. 6 blocks up, six blocks down, repeat, “The Core”, shower.


I have been loving smoothies lately. This one is a banana, avocado, raspberry, blackberry, coconut one. I don`t like avocado but you barely taste it in the smoothie so I still get the good effects.


It was time to test my speed – I ran a 5k. But since here in Hungary we don`t have races every other week I just ran at home. I could not totally avoid hills but my overall time was 28.30. I might not be speedy but I`m pretty proud anyways. I remember my time being more like 35 minutes only a few months ago.

This Week:

5 runs for 16 miles: 1 hilly, 1 tempo, 1 race, 2 easy

2 strength workouts

0 injuries

2 rest days


You can download the book Running the Edge by olympian Adam Goucher (Kara Goucher`s housband) and Tim Catalano for free today and tomorrow via Amazon. Head over to their blog here to get the link and thank them for the offer! You can read it via the Kindle application or on your Kindle if you have one.

10 Running-Related Personal Questions

These 10 questions were posted over at Another Mother Runner. Even though I am not a mother I thought it would be fun to share my answers anyways. I`d love to hear your responses as well, leave a link with your entry here and at Another Mother Runner if you want to answer them on your blog or just let me know your answers in the comments!

  1. Best run ever: There have been many great runs but I definitely think there is potential for more. I remember when I first started running and training for a Half I went on a loop on the trails and it was so hard that I stopped and walked. But then, two weeks and many hills later I ran there again and it felt like flying!
  2. Three words that describe my running: Determined, Focused, Hard-working
  3.  My go-to running outfit is:  In the summer I have worn mostly short running tights and a sleeveless dri-fit top both by Nike. If it gets even hotter I`ll skip the top and go for a bra only. In winter I like long tights, a comfortable long-sleeve top with a zipper and a cover up according to the weather.
  4. 4. Quirky habit while running:  Sometimes I count my steps but more like you would count when you dance 1-2-3-4 / 5-6-7-8 over and over again. If I am feeling creative I like imagining things and plan them out (outfits, rooms, recipes, events…)
  5. Morning, midday, evening: Morning, I am an early riser. But lately I have been more of an afternoon runner because I just couldn`t get myself out the door. I do prefer the sunrise over the sunset for running though.
  6. I won’t run outside when it’s:  Thunder storm and ice. Thunder storms scare me when I`m outside and here where I live the roads are not cleaned right away and it gets extremely slippery in the ice.
  7. Worst injury—and how I got over it:  Probably what I thought were shin splints but they were not too bad. A week without running, lots of cross training and then trail running only.
  8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when: Well, as I said, I am not a mother but I felt most like a badass runner when I ended my run at Uni one day after sudden ice-rain and was soaking wet.
  9. Next race is:  A 10K on September 30 with some awesome running friends!
  10. Potential running goal for 2013:  Many more races, hopefully a Marathon and a relay event and hopefully with friends!