Travel Impressions: The Sagrada Família

While in Barcelona we of course visited Gaudi`s famous Sagrada Família. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The outside is amazing but the inside really blows you away too! I could not stop staring at the ceiling and all the elements around. It`s definitely worth to enter but you should skip the lines and book a ticket online instead. After Metz and Reims this will become another one of my favorite churches. Though I think that maybe, when it is all finished, it will not be as interesting anymore. But that`s just my opinion. As with all my travel posts I will just let the pictures speak and hope you like them!


12 thoughts on “Travel Impressions: The Sagrada Família

      • 🙂 I have been to Mexico once when I was four or five, of course I don`t remember a thing but I have some friends who are from Mexico (City). I hope to travel central and south america sometime!

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