Say Hello to My New iPod Nano

I used to be a proud owner of a first generation iPod Nano (the black one, with the silver back, 2GB). In the beginning I took it to school and everywhere else I want but then I ignored it. I got a phone that could store music and was more than happy with that. But now (actually a while ago), Apple started calling back the first generation iPods because of battery issues and exchanged them for the newest, sixth generation Nano.

I finally took advantage of this option which was quite a hassle for me still. First I had to send my iPod to Germany, to my grandmother`s house. Then the whole exchanging started and when after weeks I still had not heard from Apple, I called and got the response that they had shipped the exchange box to the States – to the house where we used to live almost three years ago. Why? I have no idea. Anyways, long story short, Apple send another box, my grandmother sent the iPod to Hungary and yesterday I could go and pick it up at the post. So, drumroll please, say hello to my new iPod Nano (I could not decide on the color by the way) which was just upgraded from two to eight gigabytes!

I`m really excited to take this out for a run soon. Only when it is safe of course, I wouldn`t listen to music when I run on the trails or around the neighbourhood but rather when I am on the track or in a race.

I love the touchscreen and that I can even listen to the Radio now. I`m still angry that Pandora is not supported here in Europe.

You can use it to record your runs or walks through I don`t really believe in the whole Nike+ concept, at least not without GPS.

You could also track your intervals using the stopwatch function.

And, the best thing, you can clip it onto your clothing and are ready to go!

(Nail polish: Essie`s Tart Deco, Shorts: H&M, Tanktop: Esprit)



4 thoughts on “Say Hello to My New iPod Nano

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