The Awesome & the Awful

Do you have those weeks when your workouts feel super easy and fun and then suddenly everything turns around 180 degrees and you don`t even want to take the next step? I did take that next step and I did finish my run today but it was no fun. The reason was the heat, Budapest is suffering from yet another heat wave. I`m still debating my Half Marathon in three weeks – I will be prepared but the race is going to start at 10 am and if the heat is as insane as it is now I don`t know if I can handle it.

Sunday`s Awesome Long Run:

My other new best friend as of late.

Sunday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill. The one at the Hilton in Milan – with a TV, iPod dock and all that jazz. That was fun. I ran it in roughly 1.50 – a new PR, including negative splitting! I had the time to catch up on the news, watch some really bad soaps and listen to music. Afterwards, I got to meet my beloved foam-roller again. I need one!

Tuesday`s Awesome Strength Session:

Since I picked up a pair of dumbbells (2 kg each as a start) yesterday, I was excited to try them out right away. My workout of choice? The Core by Lauren (Health on the Run), once again! Last time I did one set of the main part, yesterday I upped it to 1.5 sweaty sets.

Today`s Not So Awesome Tempo Run: 


Post-run. Proud that I didn`t give up!

I had 45 minutes on my plan. Shouldn`t be too hard, I thought, even with the temperatures rising by the minute. Everything started off nice and slow but when I slowly increased the speed I felt the need to slow back down again. The breathing got harder and my heart rate went up. I pushed it through for about a minute and slowed. About ten minutes later I reached my least favorite part of that course – extremely soft track. My form was bad and my Achilles started to hurt. I stretched and continued on the road instead. At the end I didn`t feel very successful but I was proud because I finished the run!

Tomorrow will be an easy five miler and I am really looking forward to that – hoping for a better run after this not so fun one. The positive thing is that hard workouts really pay you back. Rant end.


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