New In: Running Essentials

I love running gear. Gadgets, clothes, food.. whatever it is, I crave it. Treating myself to a new pair of shorts or a tee or perhaps a fun looking snack makes me happy. Today I went out on the hunt for a new sports bra and top and either a pair of shades or a hat.

I did not find a top but got this grey compression bra by Nike which is Dri Fit, it is a racerback style. It does not have any mesh panels that I usually look for but it is very comfortable and made from mostly recycled fabrics.

Instead of choosing a pair of glasses I went for a hat for now. This one is by Asics. My favorite part is the back adjusting part because it is an elastic strap instead of velcro. This makes it easy to pull your pony-tail through for the girls.

I did pick up a pair of 2kg dumbbells and some regular running gels but then I cam across these little bite sized fruit jellies by Optonia. I have yet to try them on a run but I think the small, individual packages could come in really handy.


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