Travel Instragram Impressions


Last weekend was busy, we ended our 4,500 km long trip. We traveled from Barcelona, Spain to Milan, Italy via Monaco and finally back home to Budapest, Hungary via Lake Balaton.

ImageWe left the view out of our Hotel room window behind. Can you spot the Sagrada Familia in the background?ImageOn our trip we drove along the coast line with all the small villages in the mountains. I almost couldn`t believe it but if you drive from Monaco to Genoa you pass through 138 tunnels! I counted them. ImageBefore we left the ocean behind…Image…we took a walk through Monaco. We saw the marina and the casino.ImageWhen I was not driving, I was reading from the first two Spanish language books I bought while in Barcelona. It is a challenge but I am excited to read an actual book in a language other than German or English. ImageAnd then we made it to Milan. We stayed for two nights to go window shopping and stock up on a few basics. When we left the Metro, we stood right in front of the breathtaking Duomo – the dome. ImageFrom there we walked through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where you can find a Gucci café for example. ImageI opted for something different instead: Macaroons by Ladurée. I didn`t have any while in Paris but I agree even though the salted caramel (pictured) and chocolate are among my favourites, the Pierre Hermé ones are better. Image

But then, finally, we left Milan behind too and stopped by at our little house near Lake Balaton. The grapes are ripening and I ate fresh apples from our tree.

But then, after a last day in the car – 12.5 hours of traveling today! – we made it back home and that`s where I am now. Budapest.

If you want to see more of my Instagram snapshots, you can follow me @With_Anna.


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    • Thank you, you are right! But then again Canada or the US are huge and there is a lot to see there too! Or even in the “area” just thinking about the caribbean islands..

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