My New Friend: The Foam Roller

For the next two nights we are staying in Milan mainly to do a little bit of shopping.We arrived quite light as we drove here all the way from Barcelona, all crammed into my little car but I did take the chance to try something I never had the chance to try before: the foam roller!

Almost all in black for this stretching session.

After my first fro-yo, this was another “love at first use”. I was feeling sore and tight from the last days of running on the dreadmill and the sitting around in the car for hours. First I rolled out my calves, then my hamstrings and glutes, lower back and upper back and finally just a few more spots that were bothering me.


My new best friend.

The result? Well, of course I do still feel my muscles but the tightness has completely gone! I am so amazed! I used to “foam” roll using a 2 litre water bottle. Now I am really determined to find a store that sells foam rollers in Hungary, I just haven`t seen any yet and I hate ordering when the postal service is not the most reliable. Or perhaps a little DIY? It would be about time.

Post-stretching, ready for dinner.


8 thoughts on “My New Friend: The Foam Roller

  1. I am not sure if I have ever seen a picture of you. Maybe I am just caught up on words…lol. I am a guy, I don’t think I have been reading any words. I need a foam roller. My lower back is acting up again…grrrr. I am trying to keep it easy but I am too restless. So if you want to lend me your friend I will gladly take you up.

    • Hehe, first I need to find a way to get the foam roller out of the Hotel and take it home with me. There are two here, so if I am successful, I will mail you one 😉

  2. I have a total love/hate relationship with my foam roller. I love how effective it is and how much better my muscles feel once I’ve used it. But I hate how much it hurts at the time. Especially on my IT band – that’s a killer! But the results are worth the pain. Hope you enjoyed Milan.

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