The Day Before the Soreness

For today, my plan read to do a three mile run followed by a strength session.

The run was unspectacular. I learned that in order to make the treadmill more fun I need to do a little bit of a fartlek like workout. Today I went at 8 km/hr for 5 minutes, 10 km/hr for another 5, 12 km/hr for 5 as well. Then 8 km/hr for 2.5 minutes, 9 km/hr for the next 2.5, 10 km/hr for the following 2.5 minutes and 11 km/hr until the second to last lap. The last lap or 400 meters I ran at 12 km/hr. The hotel gym has a not-so amazing standard temperature of 28 degrees celsius and this is with two air conditioning systems set to 10 degrees on the highest setting. I didn`t feel the tiniest movement of air and was soaking wet after the workout. My time was 28 minutes and 47 seconds at an average pace of  9:35!

After the run I wanted to do one of my favorite strength and core routines – “The Core” by Lauren at Health on the Run. Since I haven`t done strength work in weeks it was quite tough and I decided that after doing the warm up routine twice that I would leave it at one full run-through for today. I need to build that strength back again!

The hotel doesn`t have a huge variety of free weights so I did the following:

  • 20 x Stiff-Legged Deadlifts with two 2kg weights
  • 20 x Regular Squats with two 2kg weights
  • 20 x Squat Shoulder Press with two 2kg weights
  • 20 x Sumo Squats with one 5kg weight
  • 20 x “Here Comes the Bride” with one 5kg weight
  • 20 x Sumo Squat + One Arm Raise with one 2kg weight
  • 20 x Renegade Rows with two 2kg weights

For those rows at the end I had to put my towel on the floor to have a softer ground underneath the dumbbells. Otherwise they would have just scooted around on the floor while I tried to move one arm up and back down again.

Hy my name is Anna. I won`t look like a sweaty tomato after my shower, promise!

Finally I added a 60 second #PlankADay. That`s currently all I do on a regular day but today it was freaking hard! After all those “new” things I`m already mentally preparing myself for having to roll out of my comfortable hotel bed tomorrow.

Lauren already warned me that walking stairs would be no fun tomorrow so I am more than happy that the hotel has an elevator. I just hope I can make the floor of stairs up to my language school without looking ridiculous or making weird noises!

Congratulations Janae and Billy! And welcome Brooke Lin!

Post-workout I enjoyed a healthy snack – carrots dipped into greek yogurt which by the way is a new love of mine. I also took some time to catch up with blogs. You should all head over to Janae at The Hungry Runner Girl who gave birth to her first daughter the beautiful Brooke Lin yesterday and congratulate her!


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